Thursday, May 31, 2018

Sh!t I'm loving

It's been a long time since I've written a list of recommendations. So, here goes!
(In no particular order because, that would have required forethought and planning)

Escape Rooms - So far I have done 3 escape rooms with a group of girlfriends and we are having so much fun that we've made it a monthly night out event. The cost is about $30/person in my area but, we use Groupon to find deals.

Tangle Teezer - This product has CHANGED MY LIFE! Okay, that's dramatic but, it has made our  mornings so much easier. Hannah has very fine hair which is a knotted up mess after a long nights sleep. I would use a detangler and try to be gentle but, tears still flowed and hair was being pulled out. I bought this brush and it changed everything. Mornings are now quick, easy and tear-less. Hoorah!

Under Armour Striker Soccer Backpack - If you have a soccer player in your life, this bag is perfect. There are less expensive ones on the market and I don't take the price lightly (it's not cheap) but, I'm glad I got it. It stores everything in separate compartments and makes getting ready for soccer and transporting all the gear a total breeze. Ryan loves this soccer bag.

FabFitFun - I received the first box and was blown away - love it! Second box is coming soon and, based on the sneak peak, this one will not disappoint either. It's a seasonal box so, comes four times a year. Subscription is $49/box but, there are codes all over for $10 off your first box.

The Birthday Thief book -  This personalized book is made by Wonderbly. I bought one as a birthday gift for Harper (Hannah's BFF) and it arrived yesterday. The quality is outstanding, the illustrations are gorgeous and, best of all, it can be customized for the recipient.

Vitamin Water -  I recently had a week long stomach bug and my usual go-to is Gatorade. However, I decided to try this out and I'll never buy Gatorade again.

The Bowtique - Want your little girl to outshine Princess Charlotte in the bow department? This site is the place for you! It's a mom owned company based in the UK that makes the most gorgeous bows you'll ever see. I started buying from her a couple  years ago when she was still on the small side but, her business has exploded and her bows are on celebrity children all over Britain and being featured in magazines, too! At last count, Hannah has 52 of her bows. *As of the date of publication, she's on vacation so the site is temporarily offline.

Plum Paper ME Planner - I am so glad I found this personalized planner company. I love mine and use it every day. I know most people are using their phones to track appointments etc, but, I still prefer to write it all down. What I like best is you have the option to track all your family's activities on one page.

Gizmo Gadget by LG - This is a watch for your child that is a GPS tracker and also makes phone calls and sends/receives texts. What I like best is Ryan can only call and text the people on the pre-approved list I set up on the app on my phone. Subscription is only $5/month. I can pull up the app to see where he is and it has a "listen in" feature.

This Fresh Strawberry Yogurt recipe - I had some friends over for a Memorial Day BBQ and my friend brought this to-die-for cake. I got the recipe from her and will be making it all summer and will definitely be taking it to summer parties we attend. In fact, I talked about it so much at work that people started asking me to just shut up already and send them the recipe.

Apple Pay - I know I'm so very late to the game on this but, Apple Pay has replaced PayPal as my favorite money collecting/paying app. I feel all cool and hip now.

Robot Vacuum - The one I specifically bought has been discontinued so this is just a general link to robot vacuum's on Amazon. I love ours and it works great*. The cost of these have come down a considerable amount since they were first introduced so I was willing to take the plunge.
*Caveat - Works great on hardwood floors. I wouldn't use it to replace your Dyson on carpets. Also, LOVE our Dyson, too!

Bike Shorts - Hannah loves dresses. Hannah is potty trained. Hannah doesn't quite understand that when wearing dresses, she should be aware of flashing her underwear. So, faced with this dilemma, another mom told me she buys her daughter bike shorts to wear with dresses. They can literally be found everywhere but, I like the ones from Carters best. They are soft and reasonably priced. 

Jersey Dresses - As mentioned, Hannah loves wearing dresses, even to school. These from Old Navy are a good price and light & comfortable to wear. She has several from Carter's too, which are a good deal when you catch them on sale.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan - Sadly, I had to ditch the minivan when repair costs were mounting. I bought the Tiguan with the optional third row seating. We need three rows for the once or twice a year my in-laws visit from England. Otherwise, the third row stays down to allow for more trunk space. I would not recommend this car if you need to use the third row all the time because it's a very tight fit back there. I love my new car but, I do miss the space my minivan offered.

My Favorite Murder Podcast - I am a true crime junkie, I won't lie. I have been listening to true crime podcasts and books and watching true crime shows for years and years. This podcast puts a funny spin on a macabre subject. If you love true crime, give this a listen.

The 45th Podcast - This is a great podcast if you want all the shenanigans of the 45th President and the impact of his shenanigans broken down for you. Two very educated and knowledgeable ladies deep dive into what he's doing and how it affects us and the world. May make you cry with despair. 

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