Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Hannah's imaginary enemy

Today on the way to school, Hannah says "listen carefully, this is very important" then proceeds to tell off the monster in our car. 

Hannah has an imaginary enemy and, he's a monster*. He's with her all the time and goes with us nearly everywhere and she's always talking/yelling at him. 

*Actually, he's more of a frienemy because he seems to do whatever she tells him to do.
And also, I just realized I never asked her if the monster is a girl or a boy so I'm using "he" colloquially here. 

What I love best about Hannah's monster is that she takes zero shit from him. In her pretend play she yells at him to stop scaring her friends and to stop being mean (finger wagging and all). Instead of running screaming from her imaginary monster, she's confronts him head on.  In fact, she's a bit bossy about it all.

This past weekend as she was telling him off , I actually started to feel a little sorry for him. It must be tough trying to be a big scary monster but, you're ruled by a 2yo blue eyed, blond haired tyrant. 

Hmmm... I think I see the potential for a kids book here!