Friday, May 25, 2018

A Battle of the Wills: Part 1

(I name this Part 1 because no doubt many more stories like this are sure to come)

Yesterday as Hannah I were coming out of Target I reached down and told her to hold my hand because we were about to go into the parking lot.

Like any good Leo, she refused.

"Fine but, we're not leaving this sidewalk until you hold my hand".

Still she refused.

So, I settle in knowing that this isn't ending anytime soon (believe me, at that moment, we were both willing to die there) and wondering if I should ask James to deliver dinner to this sidewalk and also wondering if calling out of work the next day due to a willpower battle with a toddler would be an excused absence.

After several minutes, something magical happened. Another mom walked out of the Target doors and reached for her kids hand saying "hold mommy's hand". And, just like that, Hannah reached for my hand and off we went.

No words were spoken about it and, I'm not even sure who ultimately won this one.

But, as a consolation prize, she criticized my driving and also suggested I buy her clothes on the drive home.

Speaking of holding hands...

Ryan is 8 now and we still hold hands all the time.

However, I realized that it's coming to an end when we went to his schools move-up night on Wednesday.

We got out of the car and I reached for his hand and he took it only to immediately pull away.

I get it, he's at school where other kids are around and he's not going to be the boy holding his mommy's hand.  It has to happen and I know that.

But, having two kids who think they are too old to hold mommy's hand is breaking my mommy heart.

There's nothing else to be done... I'm going to have to have another baby.*

*Hahahaha Yeah, that's not happening.

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