Tuesday, June 7, 2016

What I say vs. what I really mean

Has an adventurous appetite - will eat anything and everything that comes near her mouth (including cat food and whatever that was on the carpet) and God help you if you don't share your food with her.

Enjoys extreme sports - climbs up the stairs at lightning speed with no thoughts as to how she will get back down.

Is curious & spirited - will wreck the house faster than a Tasmanian Devil on speed.

Advanced debating skills - routinely counters directives by doing the exact opposite.

Sophisticated taste in toys - "If you give me another baby toy I will shove it down your throat. I want what my brother has and nothing less will do."

Excellent hand-eye coordination - practices hitting brother on head for extended periods.

Highly communicative - screams like a banshee when she doesn't get her way. Also, favors the word "no" over the word "yes".

Future Olympic hopeful - tries running when she's only just learned how to walk.

Keen sense of style - smashes bananas into her freshly washed hair and fights with you as you try to clean up the mess.

Brave - has no fear when climbing out of high chairs, launching herself down steps or off the bed.

Tenacious - She moves the box of wipes and James moves them back. She moves the box of wipes and James moves them back. She moves the box of wipes... (you get the point) until the day comes when James agrees the box of wipes are perfectly fine wherever the hell Hannah put them because we work 40+ hours a week and really, who cares?

Has gorgeous blue eyes that melt your heart - this one just speaks for itself.

I read this today; "One day your sweet baby will morph into a defiant mini-human with actual opinions". I feel you sister, we're there and... man-oh-man.

Don't let the sweet face fool you. No, really don't.
Seriously, you've been warned.

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