Tuesday, May 24, 2016

These boots are made for walking

According to Wikipedia, A toddler is a child between the ages of one and three. The word is derived from "to toddle", which means to walk unsteadily, like a child of this age.

So how about a child who toddles but hasn't yet reached one year old?

Well, I'm making the call for my kid... at nine months old, she's a toddler.

See? She toddles!
(Better quality videos to come soon)

This isn't new actually but, as everyone knows, if it's not captured on video (then posted to FB, IG & YT), it didn't happen.

If she wants to be somewhere quickly, crawling is still her preferred method. She crawls lightening fast, too so James calls her "Komodo" (as in dragon). 

We bought her first pair of walking shoes last week from Stride Rite and her teacher told me yesterday that she's much more steady on her feet now with the new shoes. No more crib shoes for this little girl!

Speaking of her teacher, she told me two cute stories about Hannah yesterday.
1. Hannah was pushing her bestie, Harper, around on the trike during playground time. Apparently Harper got a real kick out of being pushed around by Hannah. I so wish they had gotten video of this. They send me pictures and videos frequently but, this one they missed. Darn!

2. Hannah is a bit of a ring leader. I told Ms. Mayra (the girls teacher) how every time I come in, little Harper is sitting so quietly playing and Hannah seems to get into everything and be all over. Turns out, this is pretty much the case most of the time. Hannah is the one who pulls out the boxes of toys for her and Harper to play with.

The Principal told me yesterday that Ms. Mayra has asked for another mirror to be installed in the classroom for Hannah because she gets such a kick out of standing in front of them. They just installed a mirror with a ballet bar last week. I suppose Hannah just can't get enough of looking at herself. 

I was also told by the principal how Hannah likes to get into the dress up play box which they keep for the older kids. She's already refining her sense of style it would seem. 

Her newest skill is shaking her head no when she doesn't want to do something. This is one I'd rather have waited a while longer to achieve. 

In other news...

There are roughly 12 days of Kindergarten left for Ryan and then he starts summer camp. He's so excited about camp and can't wait to be done with school. Every day he asks me if Kindergarten is done yet. 

It was a big year of changes for him and some of it he had a hard time with. 

However, I'm proud of hard far he has come. He can read me his books now with just a little help with big words, can count money, writes well and is understanding concepts I know I hadn't learned at such a young age. 

We have a pretty good idea who is first grade teacher will be simply because his speech teacher made a specific request. 
But, that's for the fall (though, we're already being asked to buy next years school supplies by the end of this month).

Today, we look forward to summer camp and all the fun that comes with that!

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