Thursday, April 21, 2016

Moving on up

In my last post, I said Hannah won't be moving up until she's about a year or so old. Well, the teachers and Principal thinks she's ready so, I've agreed to let her go.

For the next couple weeks, she'll do an introductory transition where she spends some time in the other class but, returns for naps.

She's been with the same teachers since she started there at 8 weeks old. This is a big moment and I'm proud that she's ready for it so early. I think it's a good thing for her to be around the older kids. As it is now, the youngest baby in her current class is just two months old. The difference between Hannah and a baby that young is the difference between an orange and a banana. They're both fruits but, otherwise, completely different in every way.

The new class currently has 4 students and she'll be the youngest & smallest but, I'm not worried about her. She's going to do great in there.

And, the other great news is, her bestie is moving up with her! Sweet Harper is older than Hannah but, they two of them are good friends and I really like Harper's mom.

Going up to this new class means having to wear shoes everyday. (And, like proper besties, Hannah & Harper spent time trying on shoes together yesterday.)

I'm prepared!

Here's to all new adventures for Hannah & Co!

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