Friday, May 13, 2016

Time for a change

I originally started this blog (Then named This Girl In DC Says...) in November 2007 as a single woman who hadn't yet met the man who would father her children.

In November 2009 I wrote my last post as a married pregnant woman. Then, for some reason, I took a four year hiatus. I can't remember writing that last post in 2009. I certainly didn't make a conscious decision to stop writing. I guess being married & pregnant and then a mother just got in the way.

In January 2014 I decided I should start blogging again because I was struggling with the ups & downs of TTC.

So I changed the name of my blog to Four Years Later... I wanted to connect with other women going through the same obstacles. And, I did! I met so many woman who helped me through all that. Most of them have gone on to become pregnant and mothers themselves.

It's now been more than four years later and my family is complete so, it's time for another change.

Thus, And then there were four... is born.

Here we are with another name change, another life change.

It was hard to decide on that name because, as you all know, I have three children. I gave birth to three beautiful babies one of which never came home with us.

Was this new name dismissing him? Is the new picture of the two big trees surrounding the two little trees forgetting that Nathan was here, too?

In the end I decided that no, he's not forgotten... he's not with us physically but, he is with us. He's the air around our trees in that picture. He's everything to do with Hannah being our family of four out in the world. At home, in our house and in our hearts, we're five.

The family we present to the world is missing one but, we don't get to change that. So, we move on as a family of four.

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