Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The art of the (not so) humble brag

Ryan is about to turn 6 and nearly every night, we still have our cuddle time. He'll curl into my lap and we just sit together. I love this so much that I ache for it on the evenings he doesn't want to cuddle.

On Sunday he was tired & cranky and hurt himself walking down the steps. This brought on the tears so I picked him up and held him for a bit. When I put him down I wondered if that was the last time I'll have picked him up. When I put him down, was that it? 

I doubt it, he's still young and small enough that I'm sure the occasion will arise again but, we're getting so close to the day where I will put him down for the last time. Will I remember it? And, how many more evening cuddles do I have left?

James and I met with his Kindergarten & Speech teachers yesterday and they had some wonderful things to tell us about him. They both say he's very sweet, smart and wonderful to be around. They both mentioned how much he likes to talk about and write about his little sister. He has some focus issues that we're all working on (he's a day dreamer and also chit chatter like me) and he's easily distracted. 

I'm hoping these little concentration lapses are something he will outgrow but, in the mean time, we have to reinforce at home how important it is to listen & focus. As they say, Kindergarten is the new 1st grade.

As for Hannah - whoa!
I've written many time about how close she is to walking. She's climbing steps and standing without holding on to anything. I don't know how long it will be before she decides to take those first steps but, I'm guessing it will be between 9 and 10 months. It could be tomorrow - it wouldn't surprise me - but, probably not quite that soon.

We got a sheet from her school letting us know that they're going to start preparing her for the next class up which means putting her on a bit stricter eating & sleeping schedule. She won't move until she's about a year old so, there is time to get her used to that class schedule. 

I love her teachers and I will miss them so much when Hannah moves up. Those ladies are wonderful with the babies and they adore Hannah. I love walking in to be told they were arguing (lightheartedly, of course) over whose favorite she is the most. The bond they form with the babies is incredibly sweet.

But, like in all things, her and her friends have to move upward and onward. 

I talk an awful lot about how amazing my kids are. I can go on forever about how damn smart Hannah is and my goodness, Ryan is the most photogenic kid. 

Perhaps I've perfected the humble brag (sometimes, I leave out the humble altogether) but, I'm a very, very proud mom. The newness of Hannah has brought out my demonstrative nature even more. 

And, I'm perfectly okay with that.

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