Friday, November 13, 2015

And that's why he calls her "Wiggles"

Early on after we brought Hannah home from the hospital, James started to call her "Wiggles" because she was so active.

That is showing itself in abundance these days.

She did it! she rolled from her back to her front, on Veterans Day (exactly 15 weeks old). But, I missed it. I was very disappointed at first however, she still put on a show for me so, all is well.

She's loving life in her crib because she's really able to stretch out and move around. She's sleeping on her side mostly. But, what amuses me the most is how she uses her crib space.

For instance; last night I put her to bed with her head right, legs left. I woke up in the night to go to the bathroom and noticed her head was left and legs right. I woke up James to asked if he had moved her after I went to bed. He said nope, he hadn't been in there.

When I woke up this morning, she was in quite another position with her head at the backboard and her legs through the slats at the front of her crib.

Her teachers tell me she is loving tummy time and does a great job with it. They've decided she's strong enough to put her in the bumbo, too. That wasn't a big deal to us as we've had her in the bumbo for ages. Though, we do prefer the Fisher Price Sit-Me-Up seat. Or, at least, I do. I think James prefers to use the bumbo.

I have asked the teachers to move her onto her back in the crib when she rolls over to her tummy. I'm not ready for her to sleep like that yet. She prefers to sleep on her side which I am perfectly okay with.

Ryan started walking at 10 months old and I have a feeling Hannah will be around that time, too.

Speaking of Ryan; he's loving Kindergarten and doing such a great job. He did his first PALS testing and did very well. The goal is to get a score of at least 29 and he scored a 77. Not bad!

The adjustment to Kindergarten life is still something he's settling into. He's extremely grumpy and tired when we pick him up late afternoon. He's irritable and easily set off into tears. For instance, if he's working on a complicated Lego structure (his very favorite thing to do) and a piece won't go into place, he bursts into full on angry tears.

Parents of his friends have reported similar stories so, we know we're not alone in what I call the "Kindergarten meltdown".

He's had a lot of big changes so, it's no wonder it's taking a while to adjust. Starting school (and getting homework), becoming a big brother, changing bedrooms... that's a lot for one so young. His responsibilities at home have increased, too. He's always been in charge of feeding the cats and a few other little chores. But, now we've given him a chore chart with seven daily responsibilities.

Some days he's really into it and other days he drags his feet. Exactly what you'd expect from a five year old.

But then, we're all learning to adjust to being a family of four. Hannah is only three months old and it's new for us all.

We'll get there.

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  1. Gus didn't have any sort of kindergarten meltdowns, but a friend's daughter did for quite a while after the beginning of school. May I ask what's on your chore chart? When Gus was 3, we started having him be responsible for 3 chores each day: feed the cat, set the table with silverware for dinner and picking up his toys in the living room. Since then, our cat died and the toys in the living room aren't his, which leaves him with just one chore each day...and looking for ideas to add.

    1. They are mostly chores that you would expect your kid to do anyway like put toys away, feed cats, clean off his table (he has his own kid size table in the kitchen), practice sight words, get his snack and water packed into his book back and a special request by mom or dad (which is usually him helping us do something for Hannah).

  2. They give kindergarteners homework now? Dang. I am puzzled at how this can possibly be productive.

    1. it may not be as awful as it sounds. It's once a week and he has all week to work on it.