Monday, November 16, 2015

My day with Ryan

I took today off to volunteer in Ryan's kindergarten class and, it was so much fun! If I could go back in time and know what I know now, I'd want to be a kindergarten teacher.

This week Ryan is the "Star Student" which means he gets to talk about himself to the class, be the line leader and bring a special toy on Friday.

Last night we were working on his Start Student poster. This is where he gets to write about his favorite things. Interestingly, for his favorite movie, he chose Star Wars, (which he's very into at the moment) a movie he's never seen.

James tried to convince him to write Wall-E or Cars or The Nightmare Before Christmas. All these are movies we've watched with him a thousand times at his request. But, no, he wanted to write Star Wars.

James told him as long as he's making stuff up, why not say his favorite book is War & Peace and write his name as Ryan, 4th Earl of Hampshire. I like it so, henceforth, Ryan is 4th Earl of Hampshire. I must remember to write the Queen informing her of his new position. I'm sure she'll be all too happy to write a Royal decree.

Our day started in the usual way, which is to say, frantically. Getting two kids up, dressed, fed and out the door. But first, Ryan wanted to play with Hannah.

Next, I walked Ryan to school which is something I absolutely love. Ryan talks quite a lot on these walks. And, he is still okay holding my hand!

In the classroom is where I really got to see Ryan shine. I believe he acted a little different with me being there but, it was super cool to see him in his element doing everyday school activities.

This happens to be the Scholastic Book Fair week so, I went to the library with the kids and helped Ryan pick out books to buy.

After school it was time for the dentist. Not Ryan's favorite thing in the world (is it anyone's favorite thing?).

It went quickly though, and the dentist said he had a "true Hollywood smile". No cavities and his molars have come in. She said that doesn't usually happen until six to seven years old. She also was able to determine which two teeth he'll lose first because they were already a bit loose. 

He's growing so quickly and I'm amazed at my clever and handsome not-so-little-anymore boy.

On another note:
I've been meaning to write a baby gear review post for ages. I owe it to a couple vendors and that will definitely be the topic of my next post.

Until next time...

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  1. So awesome that you had a great day with Ryan :)