Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Adventures with the video monitor

When Ryan was a baby, he rolled over, front to back, for the first time, while he slept.

We put him to bed in his crib on his back. When we woke up in the morning, he was sleeping on his stomach in the fetal position.

He had rolled over and we missed it.

We sent the kids to stay with my Aunt this weekend in order to get the "nursery"* ready so both kids could move into their own beds. Ryan has been co-sleeping with us for well over a year and Hannah has been sleeping nearby in her bassinet.

The time was right for everyone to take their places back into their own beds.

James and I installed the video monitor on the wall and the sensor pads under her mattress as well as all the other bells and whistles worried parents buy.

Sunday night, we put her to bed and turned on the video monitor. She was already asleep when we put her into the crib so, there wasn't much to watch.

Last night though... last night was exciting.

Once again she was already sleeping when we put her down but, she woke up. She woke up and pitched a fit when she found herself in the crib.

We gathered around the video monitor to watch. In her anger, she was working hard to roll over onto her stomach. We were cheering for her as we watched; "There she goes! She's doing it!" She was so close - more than halfway in fact - before she lost her balance and went back onto her back.

It didn't happen and she eventually drifted off to sleep. But, it's coming soon.

On another video monitor note, Ryan teared up when he saw Hannah was crying. He told me that Hannah didn't like to be up there alone and she's scared. This made him very sad and, since he had tears in his eyes, I gave James the monitor to hold (so Ryan wouldn't have to see it) while I talked to Ryan about all this.

He was projecting because, it's him who hates to be in rooms alone. Other than the kitchen and living room, he has a paralyzing fear of being in a room alone.

His concern for Hannah was completely legitimate in his mind. And I sympathize so much with him and I'm also proud that he's protective of his little sister.

This isn't the first time I've had to tell him to be a kid and leave Hannah's safety to mommy and daddy.

Hannah's teacher told me Ryan stopped by recently and they turned her around so he could see her through the window (older siblings aren't allowed inside the infant room).

I'm worried we might have a slightly neurotic son on our hands.

Hopefully it's something he'll outgrow but, in the mean time, his love for his sister is just about the most endearing thing I've seen.

One day James and I will leave this world (hopefully and very, very long time from now) and Ryan & Hannah will still have each other.

*I hate calling a kids bedroom a "nursery". This isn't 1920 but, that's the term most moms use so, whatever.
(Yes, I am a anti-bumpers mom)


  1. We don't call in a nursery, either. It's Lucy's room...that's it. Hopefully Ryan doesn't become too distraught over Hannah, but he may just still be adjusting to having her home. Everyone's learning and adjusting one day at a time, I bet.

    1. Thanks, Brianna!
      I think he'll settle down as he (and Hannah) gets older.

  2. We call Ellie's room Ellie's room too. I'm impressed you moved her! Steve suggested moving the bassinet to the other side of the bed for space reasons and I couldn't do it.

    1. Hannah is just too big to be in her bassinet now and she needs room to move around. She's SO close to rolling back-to-front and that will never happen if we keep her in the bassinet.

      She's ready to spread those wings!