Wednesday, July 1, 2015

This is the month I have my baby!

(Okay, OUR baby. I mean, James did have a hand in it!)

I'm 34 weeks today and, in exactly four weeks, Hannah will make her debut!

Remember my last post when I said I want to remember and enjoy every minute of this pregnancy and not rush it?

Yeah, I take that back.

Since she's moved to head down I feel like my pelvis is supporting the weight of a bowling ball. It's uncomfortable and painful.

Sitting hurts. Standing hurts. Laying down hurts.

I don't get a lot of sleep at night because I just can't get comfortable.

I'm boiling hot all the time and find it difficult to cool down, especially at work.

Speaking of work... my office chair is pretty much torture. I have a back cushion and a butt cushion on it but, they're not helping.

My point?
Let the last four weeks fly by!

Ryan was asking nearly every day when Hannah was coming so we made him a special July calendar where he can cross off the days. I think this visual will work better than us trying to explain weeks/days to him.

It's now hanging on the fridge and today he got to make his first "X" on it.

As for my weekly appointments, all is well with Hannah. She's still passing the NST and BPP with no trouble and, at last check, was measuring pretty big.

We do another size/weight check at 36 weeks and that should give us an idea of what to expect at birth.

Finally last weekend we started to actually prepare for her arrival. I think James and I both felt like we'd put a jinx into motion if we started too early but, the time had come.

James went into the storage area in the basement and started to pull out some stuff we needed to inventory so we'd know what was left to buy.

He put the bassinet together for me (under slight protest). The thing is, this bassinet was bought brand new for Nathan and it was put together well in advance of his arrival.

However, we can't live in Nathan's shadow forever. We have to move forward and know that while it was intended for our second son, our first daughter will be the one to use it. And, that's okay.

Speaking of Nathan...
Monday will be his third birthday. Or, "Angelversary" as many parents in our situation like to call it.

Three years. Wow.

I'll write more on that Monday.

Lastly, I have to say how proud I am of the USA Women's Soccer Team for their outstanding win against Germany last night. It was a nail biter for me and had my heart pounding but, we did it! We're going to the final on Sunday and I'm so excited!

Today I'll be supporting England against Japan in hopes of a USA v. England final. The showdown in my house will be epic but, even James said that England has already well surpassed expectations and, if they do make it to the final, he knows USA will be the better team.

With that being said - GO USA!!!


  1. Sorry that your in so much physical pain, hopefully Hannah doesn't cause you too much more pain over the next 4 weeks. Wishing you a gentle weekend as you approach Nathan's 3rd birthday.

  2. Yay!!! I'm so excited for Hannah to get here! I'm sorry it's getting so uncomfortable. Hopefully she finds a comfy position for both of you!