Monday, June 15, 2015

31w5d - We have a delivery date!

Friday I saw my OB and MFM at back-to-back appointments.

Weight gain is... nothing. I'm down from my last appointment again so, I've gained nada from appointment #1. In fact, I'm down 3 pounds from my first appointment last December.

Let me just say first and foremost I have no idea how that happened. I feel like I ate a truck full of crappy food in the last month and had very little vomiting so I expected to have gained about five pounds, maybe more.

Hannah has moved right back to transverse position but, since I'm having a c-section, no one is at all concerned about how she's positioned.

Heartbeat was strong in the 150's and she passed BPP with an 8/8, again.

So first up was the OB. I knew it was time to start discussing "D" date. I told him the MFM had said at my appointment a few weeks ago that he preferred for my OB to deliver at 39 weeks. My OB got pretty angry and basically said "no, it's my call and we're going in at 38". He asked me to wait while he called over to the hospital.

So then it was off to the hospital for the BPP and the MFM appointment. I had already decided I wasn't going to bring up the delivery date, to just leave that to my OB to fight.

After the BPP I met with the MFM doctor who said something along the lines of "with your history we think it's a good idea for you to deliver at 38 weeks".

I wanted to laugh at her and say "oh, did you?". But, I let it go. I said okay sounds good, I'll get with my OB to schedule that.

Incidentally, my OB said he has a good and valid argument to go in at 37 weeks but, we'll push it to 38. This is something I agree with completely.

So, barring anything unforeseen, Hannah will join us on July 29th, 2015.

I'm on weekly appointment with the OB & MFM now going forward which will be a hassle to work around but, what's six weeks, right?

6 weeks left... EEK!

Edit to add: I also received the Tdap vaccine on Friday from my OB and holy cow did I have a rough reaction to it!
Swollen (and extremely sore) arm, nausea, fever, fatigue & another one or two symptoms I'd rather not blog about.


  1. Eek indeed! I'm kinda jealous that you know exactly when she's coming - I'd love to know that about mine right now!

    I got my TDAP the other day too but I had zero reaction; Cory had his a few days later and had a few hours of soreness the next day; my mom's hurt just when they injected. I wonder if it has to do with who's injecting, or if it's more to do with how much you use your arm afterwards, or what. (My flu shot, on the other hand, hurt enough for both!)

  2. So glad you have a date for Hannah's arrival. Coincidentally, that's the day before Oscar's and Bella's 6th birthday, so I'm hoping really, really good things for Hannah's birth.

    Sorry for the crappy Tdap reaction; hopefully it will all be cleared up soon.

  3. This is such amazing news!!! A date to look forward to and count down to. Eeep!!

    Hope you're feeling much better since your jab!!xx