Monday, June 8, 2015

30w5d - BPP #1

Friday I had what I think was the best appointment so far with the Perinatologist.

It was the first BPP (Biophysical Profile) and first & foremost, Hannah aced it. The best score you can get (assuming no NST is done) is 8/8 and that's exactly what she got.

She was kicking and practicing breathing and being all over a very squirmy little girl. The sonographer was so pleased with the ultrasound and was getting excited showing me interesting things on the screen.

She's now in a breech position that is also kinda sorta transverse. Leave it to any daughter of mine to be completely awkward!

I left that appointment feeling like a million bucks!

Last Wednesday was Ryan's pre-school graduation. I would have gotten emotional about it all seeing him in a cap & gown if it weren't for the fact that Ryan chose to participate in the most minimal way. After a couple weeks of practicing the songs and the Pledge of Allegiance, when it came to show time he just wasn't interested. Myself, Paul & Fiona mostly laughed our way through the entire thing because Ryan was happy to do anything but be a part of what was going on. And, of course, he was in the front row so his non participation was completely noticeable.

He's fortunate perhaps that the other kids and parents like him so much because he got some "ooooh's and aaaah's"& giggles for his antics. I need to teach him that he can't rely on charm and a cute face forever.

Saturday Ryan had his final t-ball game of the Spring season and the trophy ceremony directly after. I'm so proud of how far he came during the three months he played. We asked if he wanted to continue with t-ball in the fall or try soccer again but, he wants to stick with t-ball. So, we're signing him up for the Fall season, too.

Sunday was kind of a bittersweet day because he had a play date with his two best friends, one of which is moving away in two weeks. We were at Chuck E. Cheese for about three hours letting them run each other ragged before it was finally time to say goodbye.

He'll be attending his first official sleep over later this month at another friends house. I have no idea how well that will go down but, we told the other parent we're willing to give it a try if they are. I suspect Ryan will be okay but, I'll have a hard time with it. He'll only be around the corner and it will be a nice break for James and I.

And finally, this morning as I was leaving for work, having already said our goodbyes, he ran up to me for an extra hug... that he said was for Hannah.

Okay, maybe he can rely on his charm and cute face forever, after all.

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  1. So cute!!!

    I'm glad all is well with Hannah and Ryan looks absolutely adorable! I cannot wait tp see him with her!