Friday, May 22, 2015

Let's try a new position

28w 2d

Yesterday I had another MFM appointment.
They had some computer issues so weren't able to give me my normal blue sheet with all the relevant info so I'm having to recall details from memory.

Fetal position: Breech and facing my spine (although, thinking back, the sonographer showed me how her face was still up against the placenta. And I know my placenta is anterior so how can she be facing my spine? I think that part was recorded incorrectly).
Fetal weight: 2lbs 15oz (67%!)
Heartbeat: High 150's
AFI: 15
Cervix: Long and closed (can't remember exact measurement)

Hannah is growing well and is pretty big for her age. The cord wasn't anywhere near her neck thankfully. The movement from transverse to breech isn't a big deal this early on. Still plenty of time for her to go head down.

She had the hiccups during the ultrasound which was unbelievably cute to watch (I'm pretty sure she has the hiccups as I sit here and write this).

Laying down on my back for even a minute or two is extremely uncomfortable so that makes ultrasounds tougher.

I start weekly BPP testing on June 5th and weekly NST testing on June 12th. I had thought the NST testing would start the same time as BPP testing but, it turns out they don't consider NST testing very reliable before 32 weeks so, that's been put off a bit longer.

The past few days she's been pretty crazy with the kicking and thumping around in there. I don't care how uncomfortable it gets, I love every single second of it. My daughter is growing big and strong and that's the most important thing.

Temporary discomfort and all the trips I have to make to see various doctors over the next ten weeks is nothing at all. I'm just so happy to have her with me every day. We can't wait to meet her.

But, not just yet.


  1. Love that name! And yay for feeling baby girl bouncing around in there!

  2. I'm so glad to hear that little Hannah is keeping busy in your womb and far away from the cord. Only ten more weeks to go. I can't wait to meet her then either!!x

  3. Hannah is a loooooovely name :) We are expecting and Elly in August!! Not mine though - my 2nd Grandbaby. I'm done having children, although we'd love one if it were to happen, I don't believe it will. I am blessed, it's all I can ask. Annissa ~ ICLW #5

  4. Such a pretty name! And I love that quote! Only 10 more weeks! Wow!