Monday, May 18, 2015

Come drink the water

Friday when I was leaving work I stepped on the elevator with a colleague who works on the same floor I do but, on the other side of the building.

We were making small talk (I think she asked when my due date was) when she said "There are so many pregnant women on your side of the building, I'm not drinking the water over there!".

I laughed, nearly hysterically and said, "In the water? If only! It took me years, thousands of dollars, medical intervention and several disappointments to get to this place!"

Hopefully I didn't come across as a bitter woman, that wasn't my intention at all. I just blurted those words out without thinking.

Of course, in the end, I fell pregnant without any of the extra help. But, I didn't mention that because, I'm pretty sure I had already said too much to a woman who is just a work acquaintance.

So who knows... maybe it is in the water.

And, maybe I just stumbled across a way to make a few extra dollars:

For Sale: *Magic Fertility Water
*Disclaimer: May take anywhere from 6 months to never to become pregnant - results vary.

Or, maybe not.


  1. hahahaha!! Yeah, those comments drive me nuts! I had a friend tell me, "maybe you should come over and get some vibes since I'm pregnant now" and that's how she told me... personally, I felt like it totally undermined our struggle and she knew about it.

  2. I worked in a school where a ton of us were pregnant last year. I heard the "something's in the water" comment a million times. But I too had a spontaneous pregnancy so maybe there is such a thing? (Insert eye roll.) :)

  3. That's really funny! There are a bunch of us at my office who are preggers right now - one woman's due date is literally one day from mine! There have been a lot of "what's in the water over there" comments, too. :)

  4. haha magical fertility water. I'll take some of that, thanks.

    Like Lisa (above in the comments), I'm a teacher, and there is an ongoing joke about there being a magical chair somewhere in the school that if you sit on it, you get pregnant. The bet has been on my room, in the chair I sit on at the front of the class to read, as three out of the last four teachers to have the room have ended up on family leave. I'm not keen to ruin the chair's reputation and lucky streak, so I have offered to trade it with others who have a better chance than me!