Wednesday, May 13, 2015

27 weeks - hello 3rd trimester

Today I took the second (and final, I hope) 3 hour glucose test.

I didn't bother testing myself along the way because the numbers were so off last time on my meter. However, it did feel much different this time. At the end I wasn't shaking and didn't feel hypoglycemic at all. It's probably because I ate late last night and haven't thrown up in several days.

Quick stats:
Blood pressure: 124/78
Weight gain: +1 lb since very first appointment
Heartbeat: 150
AFI (Amniotic Fluid Index): 19
Fetal position: still transverse

Hannah gave us all a good panic during my check-up, though. The doctor wasn't able to find the heartbeat with the doppler which is very unusual for 27 weeks.

We had to wait (very nervously) about ten minutes to get to the room with the ultrasound as it was being used by another patient. In the mean time I was asked about movement and I admitted that last night it took nearly 2 hours to get ten kicks which was unusual. I don't get much movement in the morning at all so we can't use that as a barometer for an AM appointment.

Within a second of the transducer being put on my belly the doctor said something along the lines of "there's a little movement there". Okay, relief and now I can look at the screen.

However, she didn't move much at all but, the heartbeat was very visible. The doctor tried to get her to move and Hannah was having none of it.

During the ultrasound, the doctor who delivered Nathan came in to give me a hug. Word has spread in those ten minutes waiting for the ultrasound room to be available. Doctors were nervous. I was nervous.

I was reminded again to be aware of movement and if something seems unusual, to just call. She stressed to me that it's not a problem to call and she'd rather all our minds me put at ease if something seemed "off".

Bottom line though, she looks fine but, they do want to move my next MFM appointment up so that was rescheduled to next week to get a look at the cord.

As soon as I went back to sit down to wait for another blood draw, she started to move around which gave us all peace of mind.

The OB is going to ask the MFM for permission to deliver at 38 weeks. Even for scheduled c-sections, the standard practice now is 39 weeks but, my OB would like to go a little early based on my history. I completely agree and hope the MFM will permit. Given how nervous the MFM doctors are over my obstetric history, I suspect they'll also agree that this is a good plan of action.

Of course, I'm at higher risk for pre-term labor again so we're all just holding our breath hoping to make it to 38 weeks.

So, it looks like my second August baby will, in fact, be another July baby.

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  1. How awful those ten minutes must have been, but I'm so glad she's doing well.