Thursday, May 7, 2015

It's not everyday you turn 40 (or, 16 as it were)!

I came in to work today to a "Sweet 16" themed decorated cube.

(So, I'm either 40 & pregnant or 16 & pregnant)

I'm sad to say goodbye to my 30's but, not because I fear aging. I'm sad to leave them behind because it was a truly amazing time in my life.

It was the decade I met my husband, got married, became a mom to two gorgeous sons and became pregnant with my own little princess.

Not to mention I met the best friends of my entire life in my 30's. I traveled to about a dozen or so countries and enjoyed the best and warmest camaraderie with my DC United family (I miss you guys terribly, I really do).

But, with so much to look forward to in my 40's, I know it will be another fabulous decade!

Thank you to every single person who impacted my life the last ten years!

Laissez les Bon temps roulez!


  1. Happy Birthday lovely!!! Hope you have had a fab day!!! May the next decade be even better than the last!!!xx

    1. What a wonderful thing to say, thank you Haisla!