Wednesday, April 29, 2015

25 weeks & baby girls name

Apparently the next 3 weeks is when I'll feel the most movement from my daughter and from there, as she runs out of room, movement will decrease some and not be quite so dramatic.

In fun news, our crib arrived this weekend and it's gorgeous!
It's also a much nicer crib than we put on our registry. Turns out my in-laws bought the one we put on our registry but, Babies R Us saw fit to send us a crib that costs 2.5x more than what my in-laws paid for it.

It was obviously a mistake on their part but, we're just going to leave that alone.

We haven't set up the crib yet because we're still rather undecided what the bedroom situation will be.
As it stands now, we're thinking she will take Ryan's room and Ryan will move into the guest bedroom.

I still want to think of the matter more before we move everything around.

As for her name...
We settled on that some time ago but, wanted to keep it private for a while. I don't feel the need to anymore so here we go:

Our sweet girl will be called Hannah.
And, we're totally in love with her.


  1. Hannah is a lovely name! Have fun with the kicking - I've found that Ivy waited a little longer than they said and is only in the last couple of weeks super active. But I have an anterior placenta so that might be why.

    1. Thank you!

      Actually, I have an anterior placenta, too. I was worried I'd have trouble feeling movement (my friend at work didn't feel any movement until about 32 weeks) but, it's not been an issue for me at all - thankfully!

  2. Awesome on the crib! Gus had an anterior placenta, and I felt him plenty. I hope Hannah is just the same for you :)