Friday, May 1, 2015

MFM appointment #5

Quick stats

Fetal Position: Transverse
Placenta: No Anomalies
Heartbeat: 158 BPM
Amniotic Fluid Index: 13.2 (normal)
Fetal Weight: 1lb 15oz (67th %)
Gestational Age: 25w1d
Gestational Age based on measurements: 25w3d
Cervix: Closed & 4.3cm (excellent)

So she's in a bit of a weird position. No biggie, still plenty of time to move back to vertex position. 

The cord is currently draped over her shoulders a bit like a scarf but, not around the neck.
Even so, I'm to start kick counting now so we can intervene early if there is distress.

I admit, I was hoping the cord would be far away from her neck and it's a little scary with it being so close and her being in this awkward position. 

It's still hard to get any good ultrasound pictures of her profile or face but, we probably got the best ones yet yesterday.

An uncooperative profile
Hand right by the face

She is determined to be a complete surprise upon arrival with no real glimpses beforehand. 
Fine by me really, I know she'll be beautiful!

We see women go back for the ultrasound and they seem to be gone five minutes and come back with only one picture.

We're always back there at least 20 minutes and are sent home with a whole scroll of paper worth of pictures. I guess that's the different between a routine appointment and a true high risk appointment. They leave no stone unturned. 

All is well and so far, so good. 

When we got home I took a bath and, a little later, James left to get Ryan and brought home his school pictures. 

As soon as I even caught a tiny glimpse of them in James' hand, I started to tear up. My son is growing so fast and time is flying by so quickly. 

Because this is his last few months in pre-school, they do graduation pictures along with the normal Spring pictures. When I saw they'd be doing this a few weeks ago, I thought it was kind of silly. Pre-school graduation? Whatever.

However, the adorable pictures totally changed my mind and it's worth the silly tradition for results like this.
"Graduation" picture

Spring picture

Honestly, I feel like I'm floating on air today. Everything is just so perfect and we are a very excited family just waiting for Hannah to join us. 

But, not too soon.

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