Wednesday, January 28, 2015

12 Weeks

My OB had no luck finding the heart beat with the doppler so it was over to the ultrasound room I went.

Our baby was moving around and looked great, heart beat was 167. Other than that, no other news really. Well, I am down 3 pounds but, that's not a big deal.

On Monday we have the NT scan and all the blood tests to determine if there are any genetic abnormalities. 

I should probably be more worried since I am nearly 40 years old but, I feel okay about it. I can't change what will be so all I can do is hope for the very best for this baby. 

Any good thoughts you could send our way will be greatly appreciated.


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    1. Thank you! And for you, too of course!

  2. The last time I had an appointment, it was hard for my midwife to find the heartbeat because the baby was hanging out way back in the back of my uterus. I'm glad that you got to see the baby but it's no fun to have that little panic moment that leads up to it. :( Hang in there, baby!!

    1. Honestly, I wasn't worried at all. He said from the start he might not be able to find it with the doppler. I know because I'm carrying extra weight, it makes it even harder. :-/