Monday, February 2, 2015

So far, so good

Today was the NT ultrasound and everything measured perfectly. There were no soft markers for any trisomy.
We did the blood work (Harmony) and we'll know results in 7-10 days but, there is no reason to believe that the baby has any genetic problems.

Incidentally, the sex will be known by the Harmony test, too. They're going to tell James what it is because he wants to know and I don't.

So, I'm finally ready to go social media official and this is my announcement:


  1. Yea!!!! I'm not sure how that's going to work, James knowing the sex and not you. Are you sure he's not going to let it slip?

    1. Believe me, he's going to enjoy every minute of knowing and not telling me. Even if I change my mind and ask, he won't tell!

  2. Yay, past the 12 week mark! Congratulations!!

  3. I am so very very very happy for you! Can't believe how quickly you have reached 12 weeks! And I am also very very sure James will let slip - I'm sure he will!

  4. I love that announcement! So happy baby is looking good!!!