Friday, January 16, 2015

My beautiful blob

Today we had our first appointment with the MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine - AKA high risk doctor).

First up was weight and blood pressure (blood pressure was great. Weight... I won't even go there) and then the big moment, the ultrasound.

The sonographer told me I was far enough along to have an abdominal ultrasound. I was skeptical and was expecting to be told that she'd have to switch to transvaginal.

As I was getting on the table and she was typing in my info, we chatted a bit. I told her my OB had not been able to see much with even the transvaginal ultrasound a couple weeks ago but, that the RE was able to see the baby and heartbeat with it.

She put the thingy on my belly and we saw the baby right away. She said the doctor wasn't able to see the baby with the transvaginal ultrasound because my uterus is waaaay up high.

At only ten weeks she had to do the ultrasound around my belly button, I was surprised by that.

She spent about ten minutes on the ultrasound taking lots of measurements and measuring the heartbeat (measuring 10w4d, HB 181) and we got two good pictures to take home.

Then we were told to sit down and wait to be called for our consultation with the doctor.

We were sitting for about five minutes when the sonographer called us back over again. That worried me and I started to wonder what was wrong.

She explained she hadn't saved our results to the right file or something so needed to do the whole thing again.

For me... bonus!

In that few minutes the baby had already changed position so we got a new view and even 4 more pictures (awesome!).
Not to mention another listen to that beautiful heartbeat.

Finally came the consultation with the doctor. She was young (younger than me) and I didn't realize at first she was the doctor.

We talked for a good hour or even more. We discussed the Lovenox and she said because of the MTHFR mutation and the protein S and protein C deficiency, I'd stay on that until about 36 weeks.

We discuss Nathan and what they'll be doing (along with my OB) to do everything to avoid another stillborn.

Lots more was said about Nathan and what monitoring they'll be doing and what testing we are willing to do.

We'll return in just over two weeks to do the NT scan and the new(ish) MaterniT21 tests they can do these days (that wasn't available when I had Ryan and Nathan) along with other blood work. Then we'll meet with the genetic counselor.

I made it clear that I don't want to know the gender (MaterniT21 will give gender as early as 11 weeks) and she told me to let everyone know we talk to along the way. They'll note the file not to reveal gender.

All in all, it was a great appointment. It's always wonderful to see the baby and see/hear the heartbeat. It's a huge relief every single time.

Introducing Baby Blob


  1. Yay! It's looking really good!!

  2. Oh love, this is such great news!!! I don't think I've yet to even say 'congratulations', having been on a blogging hiatus for a while. Congrats sweetie!!! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy and birth!!xx

  3. Thank you both Megan and Haisla!
    BTW - in case you wondered, the baby measured 10w4d, not 5w4d. That was a typo.

    I left it up there wrong all night so hopefully people weren't thinking "she's measuring 5 weeks behind, yikes!".


  4. Yea for the bonus u/s. So glad that things are going well and that, it sounds like, you have a proactive doctor.

  5. What a beautiful baby! Hoping your pregnancy goes smoothly from here on out.

  6. So sweet! So nice to hear everything is moving along nicely. Sending all the positive energy over to you and your baby blob! :)

  7. Stopping by from ICLW. Congratulations on your sweet baby blob! Good luck and can't wait to follow along on your journey!

  8. Hi from ICLW!

    Hello little blob! Phew, I'm glad nothing was wrong. I would have freaked out if I was called back for another u/s. Getting a second one due to a misplaced file is an awesome bonus :)

  9. Congratulations! Great news that everything is smooth so sounds like you have a good Doctor as well! Can't wait to follow along as this baby grows and you get to take him/her home. However, I would not be able to help myself if I knew they knew the gender.... good for you for holding out for the surprise! It will make it all more special, I'm sure. :-)

  10. Hello from ICLW! Congratulations on your beautiful little baby! So tiny and already so beautiful! Best wishes for this pregnancy!