Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What does it mean, what does it mean?

Can you tell, based on the title of this post, that Ryan has us watching "The Nightmare Before Christmas" on and endless loop?

So, yesterday I was sure that I ovulated on Monday because EWCM was non-existent in the afternoon and, as mentioned, my OPK never did turn positive whereas my fertility monitor did show the peak reading.

However, yesterday I was surprised to see some traces of EWCM later in the day. And, all afternoon up until around bed time, I had serious cramps. They felt like menstrual cramps - very dull aching non-stop.


I took an OPK again last night just to see if the cramping was an indication of anything. Nope, still negative.

I'm leaving the manual override on fertility friend to show ovulation happening on Monday but, I can't say I'm quite as positive about that as I was yesterday morning.

On a different note, I have a feeling something awful has happened to a facebook friend. Recently his wife tagged him in a post announcing their pregnancy. According to the ultrasound photo posted, they would about ten weeks along.

Yesterday he posted a rather cryptic message on facebook about something bad happening but didn't elaborate. They would be more than 12 weeks along now and I hope my suspicion is wrong.

I told myself maybe he lost his job (still an awful thing to happen when you have a baby on the way and right before Christmas) but then, he'd probably just say "What a horrible thing to happen with a kid on the way, I was laid off today" or something similar.

The fact that he didn't mention what this awful thing was has me wondering. I hope I'm wrong. I really, really, really hope it's something else crappy and not that anything has happened to their precious baby.


  1. I'm hoping, too, for your friends.
    I'm not able to offer much I'm afraid to your ovulation dilemma, I've never used anything other than internet cheapie ov predictors. And as I forgot to take both my bb thermometer and the internet cheapies on my trip, I have no idea if I ov'd or not (the signs would suggest not). We haven't done any BDing anyway, so it doesn't really matter.
    Really hoping your ache turns out to be something interesting... you never know!

    1. I'm sorry you weren't able to find a way to fit in some time with B. :(
      There is always next month!

      Meh, I don't think the cramping etc really meant anything. I"m not even particularly hopeful that something will come from it. But, we do it because you just never know.