Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It's GO time updated

The OPK this morning was still showing negative and I have a theory:
I use the fertility monitor in the morning and it can only be used once a day.

Sunday: High
Monday: Peak

I didn't take the OPK until Monday morning and it was open circle (negative). Monday night it was still negative and this morning still negative.

So, what I believe happened is my surge began Sunday afternoon/night and by Monday morning the super sensitive fertility monitor was still picking up on the trail end of that surge but, for the OPK, Monday morning was already too late.
(Which would match up pretty well with my physical cues of ovulation)

I have really liked the CBE Advanced Digital OPK's but they have the same drawback as the monitor in that you can only use it once a day.

With the OPK though, you can use it morning and evening once it picks up a "high" reading but, not with a "negative" or "peak" reading.

So, I believe it would behoove me to get some of the wondfo's just to be able to have the flexibility of being able to test whenever.

I use Fertility Friend to track my cycles and since I don't temp, I use the OPK/Fertility Monitor setting. When you use that feature, it automatically assume ovulation is the day after your first peak/positive test.

In my case, I'm sure ovulation was yesterday so I'm overriding it this month to reflect that.

I'm not worried though, in the BD department, we got the job done. The timing was perfect so now it's just a matter of riding out the TWW.


  1. Good luck this month!
    I also have had tail-end of surges caught by the more sensitive digital opks. I always use wondfos as a back up: morning with the same urine, and then later afternoon after a long hold. It's been handy as the wondfos do darken up over about a day or two, so you get a bit more advance warning (I'm not using a digital with neg/high/peak, just neg/peak).

    1. Yep, I agree. I'm going to order some Wondfo's this week in fact. They are perfect for situations just like this where you might want to test a few times a day.

      Thanks for the help!

  2. At least with the cheapie OPKs you an pee on them as much as you want! I used to buy the expensive CB ones but I found I got better results with the cheapies because I could do that. I usually have negative in the morning, positive in the evening, positive the next morning and then negative again that evening so it's better for me to be able to test multiple times a day. I'm firm with using OPKs til they go negative again.

    1. There is definitely merit in being able to test a couple (or few) times a day. What this month has made me curious about is if I had (and maybe often have) a short surge. I feel like that could be important.

      But then, even if that's the case this month, we BD'd at the right times either way. So, I guess it doesn't matter all that much other than, now I'm just curious.

  3. hoping your 2WW goes fast!

  4. hoping your 2ww goes fast!

  5. I had the same problem this month. After thinking making I wasnt going to get a surge this month it finally worked out.