Friday, November 21, 2014

3/4 DPO

Still have some dull aching cramps happening off and on.

What is bothering me about this is that they feel so much like menstrual cramps. A quick consult with Dr. Google tells me this is pretty normal but, it's not normal for me.

I'm not reading anything, good or bad, into it. I'm simply curious as to the what/why of it.

Last night when I was near sleep and I started feeling the dull aching I thought to myself  "oh, almost AF time" then I remember thinking "no wait, I only ovulated a few days ago". Then I fell asleep so I didn't get to complete the thought process.

Moving on...
I've noticed my readership is down. It's a funny trend because I realize readers aren't all that interested in the blog unless I'm undergoing treatments.

Reading about motherhood and TTC naturally isn't all that interesting I guess.

The truth is, I understand because there are several blogs I've stopped reading for various reasons. So, I'm okay with that and I expect that when/if I start the IVF process, the readers will return because they're curious about my journey and want to compare it to their own.

I know that most of my regular readers don't have children yet so, it might be hard to relate to someone who is now talking much more about being a mommy and the challenges that go along with that.

I suppose by being on ICLW, I'm "advertising" myself to a group of people whose journey almost exclusively revolves around TTC and most of those people are way past the "lets keep having sex and it will eventually happen" stage.

I am happy to accept that my blog these days is boring to that crowd. And truthfully, I'm still holding out a huge amount of hope that I won't have to do IVF. Especially after reading Patient Subfertility blog post from yesterday. Ouch!

I will have to be dragged to IVF like a kicking screaming child.
But, I will do it the early part of next year if it comes to that.

My first thought was to get started in January but, now I've decided to put it off until March and see what we can accomplish by then.

So, dear readers, expect my blog to continue to be rather boring until then.
And to those that stick by me until that happens, thank you so much. Your comments really do make my days better.


  1. I came to your blog today and am right there with you. In the process of trying again but I too am dreading IVF if it's necessary. Good luck to you on your journey. Boring or not.

  2. I think you're right, it's totally normal for readership to ebb and flow. Mine really kicked up during treatments and during early-early pregnancy but is starting to go away now that things are more boring. Everyone wants to read about people who are in a similar situation as them, and when lifelines move apart from each other it means more people say goodbye.

  3. Hopefully you don't have to go through all that, even if it does make your blog boring. Sending baby dust your way!

  4. I struggle with some of that too. I don't post a whole lot actually related to my cycle cos I feel like it's boring and no one wants to read that stuff. That being said, I'm really curious to see if this achy feeling is something! From what I understand the TWW and early pregnancy are both dominated by the same hormones so they can feel much the same so it's really more about what is normal for you vs what isn't... either way, I really hope you can get your bean naturally! We are about to start IUI. I'm still on the fence about whether or not we would pursue IVF if the IUI fails or if we would move onto adoption or try a combination? I have no idea. IVF just sounds so invasive and expensive I'm having a hard time with it.

  5. So I'm just starting on my journey.. we're about to dive right into treatmens soon. I like read other blogs, go to back and read from the begining, so I'll be doing a lot of that this weekend. I welcome all stories! From what I can probably tell, I'll be in your same shoes after (hopefully) the birth of my child. I'll forever need medicine to help me have a baby. I havent been through a whole lot just yet so all I can offer right now is the ol'Hang in there! And I'll be keeping tabs on you.
    ~Another Mom to be Hopeful

  6. I'm still here, following you along.. I really hope you can forego the IVF wagon though, as although necessary for many, it really doesn't sound like that much fun. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!x

  7. Stopping by from ICLW. We also decided to try on our own for number two, after we needed 4 IUIs and 2 IVFs to conceive our son. I look forward to following along on your journey, so count me in as a new reader. :)

  8. Wishing you a lot of luck this cycle!!! We tried on our own for #3 for 2.5 years after our IVF twins and no success. We are doing an IVF cycle and praying for another miracle! I hope you don't need to do it :)

  9. I'm the same - definitely noticed a drop in readers once IVF finished. I guess you search out blogs/info when you're going for something and IVF is as big a something as you can get. I really hope you get pregnant too without it - although I have just written a piece about how much I enjoyed it. :)