Monday, November 24, 2014

So this is why people hate Mondays

On the way to work this morning our minivan started smoking from underneath the hood and it smelled awful.

When we pulled up at my building, I called AAA and had it towed to a repair shop that is highly recommended by the Lowes Island Neighborhood Watch group.

After stressing all day over how much the problem will cost us, the call finally came and, it was only $350  $650. That's not a scary number at all but, I'm still upset about it. Right before Christmas is not a good time to have to part with $350 $650.

Our minivan is only 4 years old, I didn't think we'd have to have any work done on it for  many years.

Still, it's lovely weather out and I intend to take advantage of it later this afternoon. Today will be a great day for a family walk.

I've been going without them for the last several days and honestly, I've enjoyed the time alone. I like having my music and being able to be alone with my thoughts, too.

On Saturday I even added some distance to my route which felt good. Small steps.

My new favorite app is Breeze by RunKeeper. I love, love, love this app. It counts your steps and gives you a new goal every day. For once, I actually am motivated to reach the goals. I don't know why I'm motivated so much by it, but I am. And, it's working.

I've lost a little more weight and I couldn't be prouder.

I don't think I became pregnant this month but, I feel like if I keep working hard, pregnancy is just around the corner.


  1. visiting from ICLW! I am so sorry about your car troubles, but very impressed by your overall positive outlook on the whole situation!!

  2. Here from ICLW. That sucks about your car! I hate when those unexpected expenses pop up like that. Especially so close to the holidays. And congrats on the weight loss! That's awesome!

  3. The very same thing happened to me a couple weeks ago! I was driving on the freeway and my hood just started billowing smoke. I called my mechanic and he told me to come straight in and not to go faster than 40mph. So I had to put on my hazards and drive a smoking car way under the speed limit with cars whipping past every second. Not my favorite. I'm glad you at least got yours fixed, even if the cost wasn't fun to pay.