Monday, November 17, 2014

It's GO time!

Or, at least, I'm pretty sure it is.

This morning the fertility monitor displayed this:

Which matched up with EWCM signs.

However, because I like to cross check, the Advanced OPK displayed this:

So to summarize those picture; the fertility monitor is showing peak ovulation and the advanced OPK is showing negative.

Very weird. But, I'm going with the monitor because A) it's best to assume the most fertile sign to cover your bases and B) like I said, it matches my symptoms.

Because I'm a curious person, I'm planning to take another OPK this evening to see if there is any change.

Fingers crossed for a November BFP!


  1. I found the advanced OPK was always a day behind everything else. No idea why. Good luck!!!!!!!!!

    1. This is the first month I've had them be completely opposite. I've run into situations where the FM showed a peak and the OPK showed high and vice versa. But, this is the first time I've had completely negative OPK but a peak FM.

      What's even more odd about this is that I'm using CBE Advanced OPK's which are supposed to work exactly like CBE FM. So you'd think the results would be pretty damn close.

      I'll test again in the morning out of curiosity but I had copious EWCM before lunch but it not a hint the rest of the day or tonight. That makes me think of O ship has sailed.

    2. I get EWCM the same day as my pos OPK and usually confirm O a day or two later. I always wonder if part of our problem is that I O after the CM starts to convert back. I started using preseed to see if that helps.. the whole thing is confusing sometimes.

    3. How do you confirm, with temping?
      I should start temping again to confirm I suppose.
      I guess I've always figured that if I'm using the OPK's & monitor and am getting in plenty of BD when I see high and peak readings and during anytime I see EWCM, I've covered by bases and the exact date of O isn't all that important - I know I'm likely within 24 hours of it.

      However, this month has made me more curious to see if I can pinpoint more accurately the exact day and even morning/afternoon/night.

      Regardless, I'm confident that we put in the effort to cover all possible O times so it's just waiting to see if it worked.

    4. Yeah, I confirm with temping. I always say I'm going to take a cycle off from it and then I start temping again. I like seeing the confirmation of O and seeing how long my LP is cos all my stuff varies so much. My LP is anywhere from 11 to 15 days and my O date ranges from 13 to 22. With my cycle it seems smart to be aware of it.

      I also try to loosely follow the SMEP with BDing around O. Our RE recommended every other day from 10-20 which is consistent with SMEP except with SMEP you try and hit two days after your pos opk so it really adds in one more day of BDing. like if I get my pos OPK on CD13 and we BD on 12,14,15,16 with 15 being the extra da. I think they say to do it on the day of your first pos OPK and the next two or three but since I consistently O two days after that pos I don't worry about that day so much

  2. I've never come across this kind of anomaly (then again I've been quite lazy with ovulation kits of late) but am crossing my fingers for you for a November BFP all the same!!x

    1. Well, we covered our bases anyway so we just sit and wait now! :)

  3. I've never used any of these - maybe that's where I've gone wrong?! - but as long as you're doing the deed around this time you should be covered, right?
    Got everything crossed for you! (and finally just replied to your email, gaah!)

    1. I LOVE the CBE fertility monitor, I really do. The digital OPK's are good except you can't use them more than once a day and if you have a short surge and test in the morning, by the evening it might be the key time to test but you can't do it again until the next day.

      Thanks for your reply and I'm about to read the email. :)