Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Minor improvements

I seem to be through the worst of the bronchitis, thank goodness. I'm still wheezing but, I have the rescue inhaler and that's helping. The coughing isn't nearly as bad as it was even two days ago.

Ryan is feeling better although he was sent home from school today because he threw up. James says he's playing as if nothing happened so we'll have to watch him to see what that was about.

My pregnancy began it's end on Monday and the worst of it was over in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. It was worse than I was expecting, and definitely worse than the one in April. 

But, it's done now. 

I've been trying to remember the positive thing that came from this; we got pregnant without help. Presumably we caught a bad egg (or the virus killed it before it started - who knows?) but, it DID happen. 

I'm broken-hearted at how brief the excitement was but, there is so much to be joyful about, too. Something I was sure would never happen, happened. Was it a fluke? 

We meet with Shady Grove on 10/17 and I don't know where we'll go from there. The insurance situation is still unclear and probably won't be clear until early November. 

Either way, I'm hoping to do one cycle this year. The new insurance options don't have co-payments but rather some scheme where you pay 20% of the visit or something like that. Higher deductibles of course and new prescription benefits to boot.

We've already met our deductible for the year, only pay a $30 co-payment and the medications are all covered at a very reasonable co-payment. Since, even if the new insurance would cover IVF, it would still end up costing us a whole lot more, I want to try to fit in a cycle this year.

This wasn't the plan I had in mind for starting IVF but, sometimes you have to roll with it. Plans change and so do situations. I'm going to take advantage of what we have while we have it.

I just hope the new RE will agree. 

I'm feeling a little more relaxed and less panicky that I was before. I have little room to control anything so what's the point in stressing out?

And, if all else fails, maybe we'll get another natural conception (preferably one that sticks). 


  1. Continuing to send thoughts your way as you navigate all that is going on right now.

  2. I'm so glad things seem to be getting a bit better. I have to say I have enjoyed my IVF cycle, so I'd back you all the way in getting started asap. BUT don't forget that after a miscarriage fertility is increased, and there is a possibility of another natural baby, one that's allowed to stay with you and not suddenly diverted. I'm not sure if what I am saying is helpful to you at all, but you are in my thoughts alot at the moment.

  3. Sorry, I've missed this post! Am glad to hear that things are getting a little better and that physically you're recovering. It's been a tough old time that you've been having lately.

    I hope the meeting on 17th goes well and that you'll get to squeeze one cycle in before the year is done. I'm glad you've found a more relaxed gear, though and are able to roll with it. It would be so nice to be more in control, but when battling with infertility that seems to be the first thing to go out of the window.. Gotta make the best out of a bad situation really and it sounds like you're doing just that.

    As you said, the positive in this sh*tty situation is that you were able to conceive and do it naturally, which is reassuring. Your body knows how to do it. I really, really pray that the next one will stick. Hugs.xx