Monday, October 6, 2014

Bronchitis, pink eye & other crap

After about the 5th or 6th night of not being able to sleep because of all the congestion in my chest, I dragged myself and Ryan to Patient First (Ryan woke up looking like he had pink eye).

I have bronchitis, Ryan has pink eye and an upper respiratory infection.

Doctor tried a nebulizer treatment for me but it didn't do jack. In fact, the breathing test after the nebulizer was worse than before.

So, I was given antibiotics and a rescue inhaler and Ryan was given eye drops.

When we were back home I ate a little something and about thirty minutes later I started vomiting. Ever since then, no matter how little I eat or drink, I vomit afterwards.

It's unlikely this is pregnancy related, most likely part of the viral bronchitis. The doctor couldn't give me a steroid shot like he wanted since I am, technically, pregnant.

I haven't started miscarrying yet which I thought would happen pretty soon after I stopped the progesterone. That's how it worked when I had a CP back in April.

No telling what's going on there but, I'm going to get HCG beta done again a little later. I know it won't be 0 yet since I haven't started bleeding but hopefully it's gone down a little. I don't want this to drag on for ages.

I just cannot catch a break.

And, also, I'm wondering if this virus is the reason my little bean couldn't stick. The symptoms started before I took the HPT so I'm sure the virus was already raging through me by the time I got the positive.

It's probably best not to dwell on that thought too much. I can't go back in time and not get sick so, what good does it do?

Still no word about what (if any) IVF options will be available with the new insurance options. I've forced myself not to think too much about it this weekend.

I just want Mother Nature to get a move on with this CP, get over the bronchitis and get my son healthy again.

Then, when we're all feeling normal again, we can consider what happens next.


  1. There are protocols that don't require birth control. Especially if you're about to lose your insurance and start a new cycle, you could get on it now. That's what I did. I literally started my new doctor on Day -1, and jumped right in because I already had most of the tests and they did the rest while I was on my period. Even if you couldn't get everything covered, you might be able to get it in. I'd try to get an appointment like today. I'm rooting for you, and you might be able to do this on your insurance before the end of the year, like me.

    1. That's what I'm hoping I can do, too. He'll have all my records from my old clinic so hopefully that speeds things up.

      I can't go until I can go more than an hour or two without vomiting. Got to get rid of this virus first.

      I have an appointment next week so at least that's already set up if I can't get in sooner.

      Thanks a million for your support. I'm hoping good things for you this cycle, too.

  2. Oh this sounds like such an awful week. I'm just back from being offline for travel: I'm so sorry the pregnancy isn't sticking, and that you are so sick on top of it, AND that there is a lot of uncertainty and stress around insurance coverage. Ugh!
    Hugs to you, and I hope you do feel better soon (not throwing up would be a nice start, I will hope for that for you!)

  3. Ugh, you really are going through a tough time, hon. Sending you fortifying virtual hugs and wishing you a speedy recovery from the illnesses. I'm glad you've got the appointment with your new clinic soon. Hopefully you'll feel much better by then.xx

  4. OH I'm so sorry you've had such a horrendous week. Sounds like one thing after another. But you know all this is just making you stronger, and getting all the bad stuff out of the way before the good times, right? (Feel free to smack me for being so irritatingly chirpy) ** Hugs **