Saturday, August 16, 2014

Some random thoughts

Remember how yesterday I said I was feeling nothing towards this cycle?

Well, that all changed yesterday when, out of curiosity, I looked at the estimated due date of this cycle. Based solely on LMP (assuming CD14 ovulation) it would be 5/17*.

Why does that matter? Ryan was due on 5/15 and he was born via scheduled c-section on 5/5 and my birthday is 5/7.

Because I've had 2 c-sections I'll have to have another c-section with my third. Scheduled c-sections are done no less than 5 days from your due date and not more than 10. My doctor likes to do Saturday c-sections if possible because most doctors don't and it's not very busy at the hospital.

So, that would possibly mean a 5/9 scheduled c-section date.

5/5 - Ryan
5/7 - Jessica
5/9 - Baby #3?

That would be a pretty big coincidence so incredibly unlikely to come to fruition but I am running with it!

* The rate I'm going this cycle, ovulation will happen before CD 14 so that moves the whole timescale up.

Moving on
Speaking of my fast acting cycle...
I was looking more closely at the estrogen number they gave me yesterday: 119.
That was after 3 days of injections. Last month, after 5 days of injections, my number was 81.

Doesn't that seem like a rather larger increase over last month in a shorter time frame? I don't know if this is good or bad. Last month was a fail but now I'm worrying (again) about having to cancel the cycle because of too many follies.

The ultrasound yesterday only showed 5 and only 2 of those were over 10mm so maybe this will work out okay.

When the nurse called she said 119 was a good number and we'd stick with the Gonal-f 112.5 protocol until Monday and we'd reassess then.

I don't know, maybe this is all just looking to be a better cycle!

I've been thinking that it would be nice to have a forum type set up for bloggers I have become friendly with. A place that would be all our own where we can talk in a little bit more "real time", exchange experiences or just talk in general.

I have loads of TTC forums I'm on and I hate most of them because you have to dig through 10,000 posts to find anything useful. I would like a place that would be by invitation only so it doesn't get bogged down by the nonsense.

I was thinking a closed yahoo group at first but does anyone still have yahoo accounts anymore?

I love reading all the blogs and this isn't meant to replace that at all. Sometimes I ask a question in the comments and then forget to go back and follow up. So I'm sure others have done that, too. I'm often thinking I wish I could just ask someone questions outside of their blog.

In my mind, I would invite my favorite bloggers, some who are still TTC and some who are finally pregnant. Anyone who chooses to join can also invite their favorite bloggers, too.

I'm going to look into it a bit further but if anyone has any suggestions, I'm wide open. Is this something you'd participate in?


  1. I remember trying to compare cycles. I even got fancy and made graphs of my E2 levels and follicle sizes. I thought that if I stimmed in a similar pattern as a successful one, then it meant that the current cycle would work, too. All told, each cycle is completely different, but it gave my mind something to fixate on while I was waiting to trigger. And part of that is hope. Hoping that each cycle you're trying will work. It's so hard to balance reality, expectation and hope. As for the group, I still have a yahoo account (and hotmail), but maybe a private facebook group might be easier to manage? Not sure, but something to think about.

    1. Too right! I'm going to give up on the numbers etc. Today was a disappointing appointment. Ugh

      I was thinking facebook, too. Most people already have facebook accounts and it would require signing up for something new.

  2. I'm amazed at how much information you have about your cycle. Right now, having forgotten to opk yesterday AND to take my temp this morning, I don't know if I'll even ovulate. Starting to realise the difference in care, beyond taking my credit card details for IVF there doesn't seem to be any different thinking in this country at all in terms of wider fertility testing. Very annoying! And yeah I agree with Brianna maybe a facebook group would be manageable.

    1. I know many women do continue to temp but I don't bother with that now. Really the only thing it does is verify you ovulated and I know I ovulate so that's not a concern. I do still OPK simply because if I have a positive test and I'm not scheduled for an appointment that day, they'll bring me in right away.

      Yes, I think you're right. Facebook might be the way to go.