Monday, August 18, 2014

I will not give up. I will not give up. I will not give up.

That was not the best appointment I've had.

In fact, it was altogether disappointing. 

No follie growth from Friday to today. WHAT, how can that be?!

More blood work done and I'll get a call back this afternoon with the results but she believes it might be prudent to increase from 112.5 to 125. I couldn't agree more but, this is so frustrating! 

I'm only on CD 8 so I know it's still early days but I expected some growth after 3 more days of shots.  

Back on Wednesday for another ultrasound. I'm feeling like it would be more beneficial to live near my clinic than work these days. 

Alright, that's enough out of you Negative Nelly. 

Everyone have a super day!

Afternoon update:
Doctor called and my estradiol is up to 295. Tonight I'm going to stick with the 112.5 protocol and instead of returning on Wednesday, she wants to see me tomorrow.

As Brianna said in the comments, "low and slow" is best.


  1. I just looked up my last treatment cycle that resulted in Lucy's conception. I had no measurable follicles until after my 6th day of follistim, and even then they were barely measurable (9.93, 9.54, 9.26, 8.98 and 8.2). My RE said that in Europe, this is how they stim "low and slow" as it gives better conception rates. It's just that in the US, we don't have insurance coverage, so we can't always afford to go low and slow. Hoping that this new dose give you some growth!!

    1. Brianna, you just made me day by telling me that.
      And, what your'e saying (low and slow) makes sense to me.

      I'm about to edit this post with a follow-up that is basically along the lines of what you're saying, too.