Friday, August 15, 2014

Glamorous? I don't think so!

Ultrasound today
CD 5
3 days of injections: Gonal-F 112.5 (increase from 100 last month)
Right ovary = 3 follies total - 2 x 10mm, 1 less than 10mm
Left ovary = 2 follies total - both less than 10mm
Lining = perfect (I didn't ask for number)

I'll get a call this afternoon with the estradiol results which will tell us if I should continue on 112.5 dose or dial it back to 100 since I appear to be responding a bit quickly. 

I take all the numbers this early with a grain of salt because last month on CD 6 I had 7 follies and ended up with only 1 mature. 

What's interesting this month is that the right side seems to be responding better than the left. That's never happened to me before. 

I have to return Monday morning so they can check again. Since I'm on a rather high dose of Gonal-F (for an IUI cycle, at least) they're going to be checking me a lot more often.

It's weird because now that we've decided to move on to IVF, this cycle feels perfunctory. It's like I'm not really expecting any results from it so just going through the motions so that we can start the process of preparing ourselves for moving on. 

I feel like I have nothing vested in this cycle; I'm not feeling hopeful or hopeless. In my head, we've already moved on.

Probably not a good attitude to have and my dearest friend Felicia will get on me when she reads this. She's always reminding me to "think positive". 

But, maybe it's better this way. Let the course run and what happens, happens. At least I know I'm not likely to get super anxious this time around. 

Notice Olivia Wilde on Glamour magazine in the background. There is nothing glamorous going on in that room, with that machine!

Update: Estradiol 119
Sticking with current 112.5 Gonal-F protocol.


  1. Good luck! Those follicle numbers sound promising, I'll keep my fingers crossed that some of them become superstars! This last cycle I was thinking forward to IVF and not really paying attention to the cycle at hand too. I seriously wonder if the lack of stress about it helped.

    1. Thank you!
      And congrats on your news - I'm crossing my fingers for your follow up post!

  2. I totally understand what you're saying. There's only so many IUI cycles that one can feel excited about. And feeling neutral (as in non-hopeful and non-hopeless) might actually be a really good place to be. Like an emotional respite month, or something. And yet, this could be it. I will keep you in me prayers as you soldier on.xx

    1. "Emotional respite" I like that term, a lot. (Although I have a follow up post coming shortly because I suddenly became vested in this cycle when a date stood out to me).

      I'm going to be following you very closely this month because we started our cycles on the same day. Fingers crossed for us both!

      And thank you for the prayers, that's so incredibly kind of you. I'm sending loads of good thoughts your way, too, I promise.

  3. Meh - thinking positive can be great, but it can also increase your let-down. How amazeballs if this was the one that worked, the one you're overlooking! Good luck, I'll be checking in!

    1. I believe in the power of positive thinking, too. I really do.
      I'm starting to get into it now! Explanation coming!