Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Time to trigger

Since my E2 was 295 yesterday, I was called in for another ultrasound this morning.

Right side:
R1 - 18
R2 - 16

Left side:

I have to do a trigger 4AM tomorrow for a Thursday afternoon (CD 11) IUI.
This feels early to me. My fertility monitor only gave me a high reading this morning and last month when I triggered, my E2 was 549.

One hiccup, though. Yesterday the doctor noticed some fluid on the ultrasound. Today, the nurse mentioned it too and asked if I was still spotting. I'm not, so we don't know what that pocket of fluid is.

She said if this were IVF transfer, it would be cancelled if that fluid was there the day of the transfer. Fluid can cause an embryo to not implant.

Because of that, on Thursday they're going to do another ultrasound before the IUI to see if the fluid is still there. She also said the fluid wouldn't necessarily mean that we have to cancel because by the time implantation occurs, the fluid could be gone. We'll see what the ultrasound shows on Thursday afternoon.

Gut instinct tells me this isn't going to be a successful cycle. Not because of the fluid or even because I'm trying to prepare myself for the worst. I don't know where gut instinct comes from really, but, mine is telling me this isn't working out.

Brianna mentioned in a comment that "low and slow" is the way to do this. And, I realized she's exactly right. And one thing this cycle hasn't been is low or slow.

The thing about IUI is I feel like success is just outside of my grasp. However, a little tweak here and a little adjustment there and I feel like we would have success. We're not dealing with MFI which is a huge impediment for a successful IUI. I have a history of getting pregnant and even bringing forth children from pregnancies.

Granted, my last successful pregnancy (yes, I consider Nathan a successful pregnancy) was over two years ago and I'm 39 now. So, IVF makes sense. Right?

But, I don't exactly have a history of miscarriages from IUI either. Four attempts has netted me one CP. That's not really a bad track record given that a woman my age is expected to get pregnant 1/12 attempts (at best).

Anyway, make it through this cycle first, right?
One thing at a time grasshopper.


  1. My iui cycle that worked is actually the cycle where my follies weren't growing right and so many things just didn't add up. Next thing I know I am pregnant. I promise that any cycle and be the one that works and it doesn't have to look good on paper.
    Good luck!

    1. Thanks for your continued support T!
      I'm getting rather excited now, actually!

  2. Wow, 4am in the morning is quite an early wake up for the trigger!! It's funny how differently different clinics approach IUI cycles. I think mine check my E2 levels, but they never comment on them or share them.. Also I'm not sure our ultrasound machines would even pick up on fluid - apparently the infertility unit gets the old crappy machine and the brand spanking new is used at the maternity unit.. Great, so we get the hand-me-downs from the preggos..

    Anyway, I hope that despite all the hiccups and your sense of things not quite lining up this'll turn out to be the one for you!! As they say, it only takes one, and you've got two lovely eggies lined up!xx

    1. I know, I'm totally dreading the 4AM wake up call but I suppose it's better than last month when I had to do it at 3PM at work and my co-worker had to do it for me.

      The ultrasound machine they're using on your would pick up fluid, I promise. But, you wouldn't know what it is by looking at it. She showed me and it was basically a round area that didn't look like everything around it. Hard to explain but yes, they would have been able to notice it even on antiquated machines.

      If I were you, I would ask for the blood work results (assuming you'd like to have them). My RE's office will sometimes tell me the exact numbers or sometimes say "everything is looking good, let's stick with the current protocol and we'll see you Tuesday". When they do that, I ask for the specifics.

      Thanks (again and again!) for the encouragement, Haisla! Let's hope this is it!