Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sorry for the hiatus

It's been a pretty long time since I posted and I'm sorry for that.

There are three reasons for my long absence.
1. I have become obsessed with other infertility blogs
2. World Cup (Go USA!)
3. I have nothing to report

Since the miscarriage in April we haven't done any treatments.

We were hoping the hiatus would only be for a month while we transitioned to James' health insurance and if we had managed to get it done even one day sooner, we would have been ready to go in May.

The insurance was worth the total hassle involved.

We had to sign up with his new insurance and then drop mine (which was a nightmare process). Then I had to call the infertility hotline and sign up with the program. Once that was done I had to get in touch with my RE's office to have them send over needed documents to the infertility department to get started.

The person my RE's office spoke with told them that IVF wasn't covered (I knew it was) so that was several phone calls back and forth between my RE and the insurance, the RE and me & me and the insurance company.

Finally we got everything documented and we're all on the same page. I get 6 IUI's of any kind and 4 IVF's.  This alone is amazing but there is many more added benefits. They even cover PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis) which was very surprising to my RE. They have never seen that covered before. Score!

Of course, I'm hoping it won't come to IVF and I really doubt it will. Tomorrow we have our first appointment since the miscarriage with the RE and I'm genuinely looking forward to it.

I'm ready to move past the simple Clomid/trigger shot IUI and move on to Gonadotropin/trigger shot IUI.
This has a slightly higher success rate but also a slightly higher risk of multiples.
It will require more monitoring throughout the cycle but at least the office is just a couple miles from my office so it won't be a big deal.

I restocked my cabinet with fertility monitor test sticks and OPK's (turns out these are much cheaper on than on so I'm ready to go!

I like to use the fertility monitor and OPK's even when doing IUI's so I know we're definitely timing everything correctly.

So I would expect to be inseminated in about two weeks.

We've been asking Ryan if he wants a brother or a sister. His answer changes daily but I think he'll be happy with either.

Ryan's going to be a big brother. You can take that to the bank.


  1. Wow, you are so lucky that your insurance covers your treatments! I'm glad you're taking advantage of that!

  2. Thanks Megan! It's been a huge relief to us.
    I know you've had to go the loan route and I can imagine how discouraging it must be.
    I'll continue to follow your journey!