Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day!

The first thing I'd like to do is acknowledge the ladies who have carried their babies throughout a long pregnancy, felt them kick, bonded with their unborn babies and then lost them before they were born or even soon after birth.

I believe if you love your baby and you still honor them even when they're gone, you're a mother.

Happy Mothers Day to you all.

This past week was just about one of the greatest weeks I've had in a very long time.

It all started Monday with Ryan's 4th birthday. I left work early and attended a class birthday party for him at school then I took him to the bouncy castles at Monkey Joe's.  After that we met James at Chuck E. Cheese and played games for a couple hours.

Wednesday was my birthday and my wonderful colleagues decorated my cube which looked amazing. They also gave me flowers and cupcakes. I felt so special!

Then on Thursday, my husband gave me news that made me feel like it was my birthday all over again... His new insurance covers 6 IUI's, 6 "next level" (we need to confirm what that means exactly) and 4 IVF's! That's 16 treatments!

I am entirely confident that we'll have our baby next year. There is no doubt it my mind.

On Friday James and Ryan visited me at work and brought me flowers (and a kit-kat but Ryan decided he better go ahead and keep that for himself).

My dad, step-mom and aunt visited on Saturday and we had a very nice BBQ outside until the rain started pouring down on our heads. We had to quickly pack everything up and move it inside. None the less, the party continued and it was a lovely afternoon with family.

As for last month, the miscarriage passed pretty quickly and without too much pain. I feel like I was very lucky for it to have happened with relative ease.

This month we didn't do any treatment while we were confirming insurance coverage. We did try on our own but I know that with my wonky cervix, there is no hope of success the "traditional"way.

I did ovulate pretty quickly after the miscarriage so my hopes are high that we'll have success very soon.

I look forward to posting again once we start our next round of treatments!

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