Sunday, March 9, 2014

Some reassuring statistics

I came across this today which was incredibly reassuring about our chances.

Q: How high a sperm count is needed for IUI? 

A: A count above one million washed appears necessary for success, with a significant reduction in pregnancy rates when the inseminated count is lower than 5-10 million (in other words, in most cases one should consider 5 million a lower limit for success, 10 million for cost-effective). Higher success rates are with washed counts over 20-30 million, while increasing counts over 50 million did not appear to offer advantage. 

So, at 31million, James was able to provide the highest amount proven needed and anything more than that wouldn't have increased our odds.

I think I better step away now from reading clinical studies. At this point, we've done the absolute best we can. I caught that I was going to ovulate earlier than expected thus moved up the IUI. There were 3 mature eggs and James certainly provided the best we could have hoped for.

My friends have been doing their part by praying and thinking good thoughts for us. Even my Aunt Maggie got in on the action yesterday and told me to hold my phone to my belly as she sent a series of texts (directed mainly to the sperm)!

Come on Mother Nature, let's do this!

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