Monday, March 17, 2014

A 'no update' update

I'm 9 days past the IUI and, unfortunately, showing signs of PMS.

You're safe in assuming I'm grumpy about it because A) PMS makes you grumpy and B) PMS means the IUI didn't work.

Well... damn.

Silver lining?

James has been offered a position at Booz Allen Hamilton (most recently of Edward Snowden fame) and we're told his benefits include fertility treatments.

I want to see this with my own eyes before getting too excited but, he was told about it by a female colleague.

At least this means the next treatment won't be completely out-of-pocket (hopefully).

We should have the details in the next couple weeks when he completes the new employee orientation.

In the mean time it was a very busy week at work and I kept myself busy cleaning this weekend. So there hasn't been too much time to dwell over it all.

When I know our next step, I'll update again.

Thanks for hanging in there with me everyone.

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