Sunday, February 23, 2014

It's almost time to start!

After a bit of a wild goose chase pursuing something else last week, we're back in the IUI saddle and tomorrow is the first appointment to get going this cycle.

Tomorrow will be CD 2 and as I understand it, an ultrasound will be done then I'll get a prescription for Clomid. I plan to ask if Femara is a better option because it works the same with less side effects. We'll see what his thoughts are on that.

I'm choosing not to do a trigger shot the first cycle so I'll have to use OPK's and go in when I get a positive result.

We're very excited and our hopes are high!

It's been an emotional week with some unnecessary drama but we've put it behind us (and also learned a valuable lesson).

I'll update tomorrow after the appointment - so excited!

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