Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor

For at least six months I've been using the Clearblue Easy Advanced Digital Ovulation Tests. I can't tell you enough how much I love these OPK's.

But last week I received an email from Costco saying the Fertility Monitor was on sale (and deeply discounted) so I bought it.

You have to start using in days 1-5 of your period and I happened to be on Day 3 when it arrived in the mail.

Setting it up was a bit of a pain but really, that's my fault. I skimmed the directions and thought I understood. Once I thoroughly read the directions, it was a breeze.

It asked me to start inserting sticks on Day 7 which I thought was early, I tend to ovulate later in my cycle but I the instructions say it has to get to know your cycle so I follow the instructions, of course.

Today is Day 9 and it still has a "low" reading which is unsurprising. I rather feel like I'm going to waste ten sticks knowing full well I don't need to start testing until about Day 13 or 14 but okay, it serves a purpose.

The thing is, with the CBE Advanced now on the shelves, this seems like the exact same product in a less disposable form.

And to compare costs, the CBE Advanced can be bought on Amazon for about $38. The refills for the CBE FM are about the same (on - much more expensive everywhere else). But with the CBE Advance, I get to choose when to test based on my own fertility signs which I have pretty much gotten down to within a day or two. With the monitor, you absolutely have to use 10 sticks every month (as I understand the instructions) so a box will last you three months.

I can make a CBE Advanced box of 20 tests last me four months and often even longer.

But the monitor is in my hands now and it came with 30 tests so I'm going to use it and simultaneously use my CBE Advanced OPK's and see if they match. A little experiment I suppose.

Will keep you posted as my month progresses.