Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Acupuncture Day 2

I've decided to start taking my iPhone and headphones with me during my treatments because the canned "waves and seagulls" sound machine is dreadful.

Today I felt much more comfortable with the process and all in all, a decent experience. 

Monday will be my third treatment and I'm looking forward to it.

I have to thank so many people for coming to my blog today to read our story and also for sending me so many messages of support. It lifted my spirits so much to hear similar experiences and so very many success stories!

On another (but not entirely off topic) note I want to address something I've heard said to myself and others many times and even a thought I have had about others regarding having children.

 I'm going to start with my own misdeed on the topic:
There is a woman on one of the many forums I'm on who has four children and is trying for a fifth. Her struggle to conceive that fifth child is causing her a ton of grief. 

Of course I think to myself "sheesh, be happy with four! Why all this work for one more? Your cup runneth over lady!"

But the thing is, that's none of my business! It doesn't mean her struggle to get her 5th is any less upsetting than someone trying for their first.

I've had similar responses from people. "Well, at least you have one" or "if it never happens, you can be perfectly happy the way you are".

Well, this is only partially true. Ryan is our world and we are grateful for our son every single day. Yes, we will be a happy family no matter what because we ARE a happy family (most days!).

However, it absolutely does not mean that our longing for another child is somehow diminished. 

It does me a great disservice to assume my struggle is any less than someone who has no children, just as the struggle for that ladies fifth child is any less valid than mine for a second. 

"At least you already have one (or two, or three)" is insensitive and unfair, okay?