Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Awesome Power of Friendship

I've been dealing with a few disappointing situations in my personal life lately and I'll admit, they've gotten me down. Some things drain your energy so quickly you don't even feel it leaving your body.

But, some things bring that energy back so quickly and it's equally surprising. Friday night, Saturday night and Monday night I spent time with a big group of friends and it was fabulous. Sitting around lauging with people you like, who also like you in return, is therapeutic. It's true, laughter really is the best medicine.

I was allowed to escape the things that were upsetting me, albeit temporarily, and enjoy myself.

And now, sitting at my desk at work, my patience was tested again and I could feel the energy draining right out.

Then I look over at the pictures of these people I always keep at my desk. First, my favorite picture of Fiona and I. Then I look at the last trip we made to Houston and I smile. Ryan, Erik, Thea, Jen and myself... we had a good time.

The next picture is also in Houston but the year before. It's a picture of Bobby holding my hand after the game giving me his jersey. Loves it.

And the last one was taken at BWI airport in 2006. 15 of us are standing in front of the Screaming Eagles Banner before we board the plane to head to MLS Cup in Dallas that year.

I realize, I can get through anything with these people by my side. No matter what, I'm a lucky girl because I never have to worry about falling too far. I've got peeps to pick me up.


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