Sunday, June 15, 2008

Where the hell have I been?

Well, I have a good answer loyal readers. All over. Okay, just England and New Jersey.
So, let's start with England.

I've been home two weeks now and I still miss it. I can't believe I have to wait three months to go back.

I met my future in-law's and they are fabulous, fabulous peeps. Thank God! I was nervous, I really was. I had no idea what their feelings about me would be. Their only son is moving nearly 4,000 miles away to be with me, so I wasn't sure what to expect.

Turns out, they are awesome. His mom and dad came and picked me up while James was at work and took me to Windsor Castle one day and Stonehenge another day. I loved being around them.

And as for his friends, they were a lot of fun. We went bowling with three of them and it was a blast. I didn't do too bad, either!

James and I went out to Wembley to watch the USA v England game. The new Wembley is very cool and it was a fun night. Even though USA lost to England (expected) it was great to have James and I there together supporting two different teams. And James made it out of the game without bruises. :) Rather, I manged to not hit him each time England scored against us. But, to be fair, James was awesome about not gloating even a little bit. I love this man.

Bottom line, England was a success.

Then I came home and spent a weekend in New Jersey with Cara. She picked out her Brides Maid dress which was lovely. Sadly, I got a little sick while I was there so I wasn't the best company (I'll make it up to you sweet pea!).

Sunday evening ended with Jen and I at Giant Stadium watching the USA take on Argentina. Great game but we didn't make it there until half time. Stupid traffic. And we didn't get home until 4AM. Stupid traffic.

And now we're up to this weekend. First time I've been able to stay at home since England. Tonya and I went shopping for her Brides Maid dress and she also picked out a gorgeous dress and we picked out her daughters Flower Girl dress. Success all the way around!

Oh, and my wedding dress arrived. My lovely, wonderful, best wedding dress ever wedding dress.

It's hanging in my bedroom right now waiting for October to roll around so I can take it to be altered (the length is for a girl 6 feet tall. As we know, I'm a tad under 6 feet tall).

Lastly, I have a movie to recommend - Across the Universe.

Being a huge Beatles fan, you'd think I would have seen this already. It's been sitting in my apartment for weeks waiting for me to watch it.

But, between being sick and not at home, my first opportunity came this weekend. I watched it twice in less than 24 hours and I could watch it twice more. I won't, because I want to appreciate it.

Seriously, watch this movie. It's so worth the two hours. And, it reaffirmed my love for all things Beatles. Genius I tell you. Genius.

Jessica out!

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