Thursday, April 17, 2008

All this and I get paid too?!

I currently consider myself a person doing three jobs. One full time and two part time.
What I want to bitch about today is the full time job - the one that is paying the majority of the bills.

I just don't care for office politics. When it comes to office gossip, I shrug my shoulders and don't say much. I've learned that you can't trust anyone - anyone at all - so, it's best to just stay out of stuff.

But sometimes, you are in the middle of it without even knowing how you got there. I'd say what I'm dealing with isn't overly dramatic, just annoying more than anything.

I often get visitors at my desk throughout the day -- people stop by to say hello, talk soccer or any other number of topics.

One blah woman in particular finds this unnecessary and complained. So my desk has been moved. I can't roll my eyes enough at this. Now people stop by and drop notes on my desk all clandestine like as a joke (which I'm loving). "Meet me in the stair case in five minutes. -X"

No really, we're taking conversations to stairwells, kitchen or elevator. Seriously.

Let me follow this up by saying, I like the company I work for and I like the people I work with. The job itself is okay and it pays me pretty well. So I try not to complain (unless I'm talking to James in which case I complain and he then feels obligated to tell me to quit bitching and get on with it. Thanks, babe) because it could be (and has been at other companies) so much worse.

So yes, James is right. I just have to get on with it. Until I start making loads of money doing one of those part time jobs, this is what I do. Yay math! Rah silly office politics!

Most of all, hooray for kick ass co-workers. You make the days worth the alarm clock pain.

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