Thursday, April 24, 2008

Donate to a great cause!

To my friends,

Most of you (if not all!) know my cousin Fiona. I'm sending out a note to you all on her behalf because she's shy about these things (I know that someone related to me being shy seems impossible).

She's participating in the Relay for Life which raises funds for cancer research. I'm sending this to you all in hopes of helping Fiona raise donations for her participation.

It's a great cause and every single dollar helps. I'm providing a link below where you can donate right online.

If you'd like to contribute but don't feel comfortable giving your credit/debit card information online, please see me at the tailgate Saturday (or any game between now and May 24th) and give me cash and I'll ensure it makes it way to Fiona.

You're help is really, really appreciated by myself and my family.

Thanks and CLICK HERE to donate!


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