Friday, January 22, 2016

Ryan & Hannah

I'm certainly not above tooting my own horn - or Hannah's & Ryan's for that matter - but, I try not to be too obnoxious with the boasting.

With that, I am about to fail miserably.

Toot, toot because here I go!

She's been battling RSV this week which is not fun. However, she's been a champ and has never lost her smile (or appetite). She's taking the nebulizer really, really well and she is taking the amoxicillin with no trouble at all thanks to a special medicine pacifier I found (it looks like the worlds tiniest bottle).

I'm warning you now world, our little girl is a feisty one, she will not be stopped.

Her teachers are routinely telling us that she's advanced for her age. They do new things with her and say to each other "look, she can do it!" or "look at what Hannah is doing" when she tries something new on her own.

It's one thing for a parent to suspect her kid is a little above the curve but when the teachers tell you, well then, you know you were right.

One of the mommy's told me she calls Hannah "super baby" because of the stuff Hannah can do.

All this and a beauty, too?

Well, yes as a matter of fact.

Carter's has asked to use at least ten pictures of her already. One they used on Instagram and stayed tuned to your email because Hannah will be appearing in your inbox sometime soon (assuming you get Carter's emails that is)!

I bought her tons of bows and such before she was born thinking I'd have her in a new one everyday but, the truth is, she doesn't need all the adornments. She's so pretty all the fluff just isn't necessary.

I still pull them out for special days and special outfits, of course.

We once worried that he would never talk and now we can't get him to not talk for even a moment. His vocabulary has exploded since starting Kindergarten. He read a sign to James in the car yesterday completely on his own.

His favorite activity is building Lego sets. He can now work on sets for ages 8+ with minimal help. He's asked for some more advanced sets that's for 10+ & 14+ but, he's not ready for those yet. Not to mention, we're not ready to pay those prices.

He's a budding artist and I'm seriously impressed with what he can draw. James' dad and sister are quite good artists and that's clearly where Ryan gets the talent from (I draw a square with a triangle on top and call it a house).

He's always been the smallest in his group of peers but, I've noticed that gap is closing. He's still incredibly slim but, James was too as a child. It's a matter of time, I think, until his weight starts to fill out a bit, too.

He's an excellent (and so proud) big brother and he is crazy about his little sister. He's so sweet and wants to play with her all the time. He asks to hold her and asks me to take pictures.

We're so proud of Ryan's tenacity and creativity. He's a great role model for Hannah and I'm confident their bond will last into adulthood.

Until next time, stay safe and warm if you're in the path of the big snow storm coming (as we are)!

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  1. Your kids are so adorable, I'm not surprised you want to toot their horn every so often!! : ) I think it's important to be proud of one's kids and tell them too. There's nothing better to boost kids' confidence than knowing that they've done their mum and dad proud. Love to you all.xx