Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hannah at 6 weeks

Hannah is six weeks old today and she's a wonderful little girl. She eats like a baby twice her age but, the doctor said she's not overweight. She has mostly outgrown her newborn clothes and has moved on to 3mos sizes. 

Weight: 9lbs 9oz (46th%)
Height: 21.25 (39th%)
Head: 14.75 (46th%)

There is one small hiccup; she has a hemangioma (benign tumor) on her lip. We see a specialist soon to decide what's to be done. In most cases, they end up going away on their own. We'll know more about her specific situation after we see the specialist. 

Otherwise, she's wonderful and perfect. She's sleeping longer at night which, for her, means getting up only twice. She sleeps for about four hours straight overnight. 

I return to work in two weeks and it's causing me a little anxiety. I know she'll be safe where she's going as it's been where Ryan has been for two years. 

Still, I can't help but worry about her.

Speaking of Ryan...

He started Kindergarten last week. His teacher is sweet, young and enthusiastic.

Here is a picture of him walking to school on the first day with his friend.

My husband has been blogging our family life for five years and recently moved it to blogspot.
He's very funny so go check it out here!

Until next time, Hannah and I will catch you later.

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