Thursday, July 23, 2015

Six days to go & Ryan gets a nasty virus

This has been a pretty awful week (so far).

On Monday Ryan's school called saying he was lethargic and complaining he didn't feel well. So, James runs along to pick him up and by the time I get home, he's out of it.

Once he stirred I took his temp and it was 101.7. Gave him so ibuprofen to bring down the fever and that's been what our life has been like ever since.

His fevers spikes, ibuprofen brings it down, wears off & we start over again. This fever comes along with a bad cough and some diarrhea. Awesome.

Last  night we got him to the doctor because his fever peaked at 103. He has Adenovirus - whatever that is.

No medication can be given, it just has to run it's course which is 5-7 days. We're on day 4.

Last night I finally got some decent sleep - 7 hours maybe. I feel like a walking zombie still, though.

This morning when I took his temperature it was 102.6. I really don't even need a thermometer anymore. When I felt his back I knew it was over 102 and, I was right.

Just the poor kids luck, too. He has a friend who is in town for two weeks only from Saudi Arabia and we had a play date planned for Saturday. I'm not at all convinced he'll be okay in time. But, we'll see.

I've had to fib to Ryan this week and tell him that school was closed because he was getting upset about missing the field trips. No, I don't expect I'll be getting a "Mother of the Year" award any time soon.

As for Hannah...
On Friday her estimated weight was already at 7lbs. She was very active during her NST so, no concerns with her.

My own weigh-in had me having lost 2 pounds this pregnancy. My doctor was quite pleased with that and offered a "great job" congrats for it.

My final NST is tomorrow and my final OBGYN appointment is Monday.

I expect next time I update this blog, I'll have pictures of Hannah to share. My energy is waning tremendously and I haven't opened my MacBook at home in at least two months.


  1. poor Ryan! I hope he feels better soon and in time for his playdate! I don't think you're a bad mom for saying school is closed, better to do that then let him get worked up about missing it on top of feeling sick.

  2. Wishing Ryan swift recovery - poor lad.. Hope you'll get some rest, too!! So excited that Hannah's doing well and that we can welcome her into the world soon. Much love. xx

  3. Poor Ryan :( Hopefully he starts to feel better soon. Glad to hear that Hannah is doing well!!