Wednesday, February 25, 2015

16w growth scan

We had an early AM appointment with the MFM doctor for a routine growth scan today.

Heart Rhythm: Regular
BMP: 154
Amniotic Fluid: Normal
Estimated Fetal Weight: 6oz (67%)
Fetal Position: Vertex
Cervix: Normal Length
Overall measurement: 16w4d
Placenta: Anterior with no anomalies
Umbilical Cord: Three vessel

We don't return to the MFM again until April 2nd for the anatomy scan which I'm really looking forward to.

The sonographer was able to confirm sex (I'll tell soon, I promise!) which was a nice bonus. 

After lasts week drama filled ultrasound, I cried when I saw baby moving around today and heard the heartbeat. It just filled me with so much relief again.

I wonder if this is how it will be going forward. 

The first several ultrasounds (except for the first heartbeat one) I was pretty chill. Now, I walk in just expecting the worst and when I see baby is alive and well, I get super emotional. 

I did listen to the heartbeat on my fetal doppler last night so that should have provided me with some degree of reassurance but, I know all too well that a night (or, in Nathan's case, 4 hours) everything can change. 

I bought the first outfit for baby this weekend at Target. We were there for something else entirely but, I couldn't resist going to look at the baby clothes. I'm telling you, this outfit spoke to me!

Carters is having a big 50% off sale and I have a coupon so, we're going after work today to pick up a few more things. 

Hardest thing I'm dealing with right now are daily migraines that I forgot to ask the doctor about (Tylenol isn't cutting it) and sleep training myself to sleep on my left side. I always end up on my stomach. Not a big deal right now but, as I get further and further along, it will matter more.

That's it for today.

I do expect to be able to announce the sex tomorrow!


  1. I am awful at sleeping on my left side! I've been trying too but my biggest problem is my hand goes numb, even if it isn't underneath me and it wakes me up cos it hurts after awhile.

    I'm typically a back sleeper so I know that won't work in a few months. I'm going to get a body pillow and see if it can relive whatever nerve I'm pinching.

  2. So glad that your u/s today went well, but can understand how going into them can be quite emotional. Continuing to think of you and send you and baby good thoughts.

  3. Glad that everything went well....I can't wait to hear the gender!! It is so tough to be PGAL...I am crossing everything on my body that everything continues to go smoothly and you have a healthy baby at the end of all of this.