Thursday, January 1, 2015

The best of 2014

I'm going to take a minute to acknowledge the great things of 2014.
So here they are in no particular order:

  1. My husband. He has somehow managed to stay positive when my head went to very negative and dark places.
  2. My son. His love and energy made sure I couldn't feel sorry for myself for too long.
  3. My Aunt. Even if she's worried, she sticks by me along the way.
  4. New friends like Christy. She has helped so much to keep me sane over the last few weeks. I can't even tell you guys what her online company has meant to me. I wish she were my sister or, at the very least, my next door neighbor. She's not the only blogger I've felt a wonderful connection with. TTC in my 40's has become a good friend. They both could use your positive support so if you haven't already checked out their terrific blogs, head on over. 
  5. My BFF Felicia.  All the great words I know aren't sufficient to describe her.
  6.  All the bloggers on the right hand side of my blog who are writing interesting and supportive blogs and fighting the good fight.
  7. A very special shout out to Stephanie Jackson for her amazing YouTube blog. She makes TTC so funny that it really did make me laugh even on my very worst days.
  8. Whatever stars aligned just right in order for us to conceive the seedling growing in me right now.
  9. Every single person who commented on my blog this year. I've been given wonderful support and great advice. I feel honored with every comment left.
Here's to a wonderful 2015 and my sincerest hope that those ladies still in the trenches will get their BFP this year and go on to have the beautiful babies you all deserve so much. 


  1. pregnant in my forties - hopefully!January 1, 2015 at 7:28 PM

    Thanks so much for the mention! I still have our playdate planned, only there's a bit extra pressure on me now!
    Looking forward to following your journey in 2015!

  2. *sniffles*

    thank you so much! I am so glad I can be here for you! Please stay in touch, I look forward to talking to you <3. We may not be sisters or neighbours but we can be friends!